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Ivory floor mats are sold out, but ...

25 October 2001
Northern California
Well, after 40 months, we are happy to note that our last ivory floor mat set was sold, and we have only one ivory trunk floor mat with black border left.

Given our premium quality products, these floor mats will outlast the OEM floor mats. So far, we have not had a single return for wear or defect; and a handful of clients have ordered a second set of the ivory sets just to make sure they have one for when they show their NSX. With product quality like this, one can't make a living ..... LOL!

I am posting this here to gauge serious interest (i.e., orders with commitment of funds) as a pre-condition to purchasing another roll. And as in all dyes, the color of the ivory may not be identical to the one we have had even if produced from the same mill with the same chemistry/process.

Below is a picture of one of the first ivory mats tested/sold (back in January 2002). Please note that the condition of the floor carpeting in this NSX is very clean and close to original.
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Great. I have been looking for Ivory floor mats for the past year. :mad:

Oh well. Put me down for a set Ivory with black trim. If you can let me know roughly how long a wait I have.


I have a extra sets from the original run of mats. They really are of great quality: perfect fit, perfect serging and the pile stands up so much better than the OEM set.

I purchased the additional sets to make the minimum order. With the exception of not purchasing an entire roll of material ($5,000/roll) to make an exact color match; we spared nothing on the quality and construction of the mats.

Yours for whatever the going price (sans tax) plus actual shipping. I believe have them black and red serging.

I've been thinking about getting a set, what is the going rate (if you have extras)? Shipping to Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Drew, Dali is catching up with my post (he is aware). He will update the website soon to yellow until I figure if there is enough interest to order a new roll, and if we can still get it from the same mill .....

So Drew, you have the only two new sets, you make a killing .......... :biggrin: :wink:
I'll vouch for the incredible quality of these mats. I have the Ivory/Black trim set and not only is the quality outstanding but they fit better them the OEM mats. If only they weren't in such excellent condition I would be in line for another set. Hrant isn't kidding when he says he can't make a living off of them; the quality is too good! :biggrin:
Is it possible to get just a solid red floormat without the "NSX" embroidery?


Sure, it is quite possible. However, making one-offs is a real PITA....much easier for an omission, but the price will go up.

What Hrant and I found was that there was a lot of interest, but when the money was needed: a lot of people opted out. It was a very non-profit venture, and every opt-out was painful.

Of course, with services like www.fundable.com and www.paypal.com is it quite reasonable to fully fund the deal up front and not have a couple of people shoulder the entire cost on speculation.

Personally, I believe the excellent shop we worked with thought it wasn't quite worth all the pain: the order was small, lots of varity and the expectations were high. They delivered, but might not be so eager next time. They were excellent to deal with regardless.

Neillo and Dali were selling a full selection of mats, I think we had some Camel variations that Hrant wanted too.

I figured they'd be higher (which I'm fine with). I'm interested in them for my upcoming NSX-R project. While the color of my carpet will be the standard OEM red, my plan was to duplicate the look of the NSX-R mats by using the chrome badge versus the embroidered NSX logo.

Ryan, as Drew aptly noted, everything is possible.

We do offer red carpeting and have sold quite a few sets. Making it plain is not an issue if you want to add the metal NSX-R emblem. I investigated making a floor mat like the NSX-R but finding a red carpeting with the same Berber loop is an issue especially given the number of potential buyers. Check this link for an example of red set. We offer a darker red as well.


Drop me a PM if you want to pursue this further.