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Japanese Super Car Meet #3 - Novermber 16 - 2014

24 May 2006

JSCM is the gathering of 90's Japanese Super Cars, mainly NSX , Supra, Rx7 , GTR. The event is invite only as always .. please invite your friend with model that applies.

Coffee , Meet & Lunch Timeline: 10:00-12:30pm (Starbucks or In and Out and many restaurants nearby)

IN and OUT
43349 Pacific Commons Blvd
Fremont, CA

Coffee and Meet Detail: Get your coffee and lunch finished within the time period

Drive route lead discussion/questions: 12:30-1:00
Drive Timeline: (Optional) 1:00 - 3:30

Drive Detail: Drive through Dumbarton Bridge to Hwy 84 > Hwy1 Pascadero State Park Ocean View



Drive Detail: Drive through Dumbarton Bridge ($5 Toll) to Hwy 84 > Hwy1 Pascadero State Park Ocean View..possible minor traffic from woodside check with your lead if you dont know direction and think you might get lost.
Drive Group:will be split into Spirited, Normal , Relax (will need volunteer for leads)
Keep in mind the drive is optional , its not a race to see who get there first and who has the fastest car, its to truly enjoy the beautiful roads of California if you never been here.

List is not accurate we always have a turn out of at least 60-80 cars. This is an invite event only for GTR , NSX , SUPRA , FD. last meet before winter and the raining season hits!! im looking forward to seeing everyone! Please pm me if you can help with the event. We need more organizer and drive lead etc! If you want pictures of your car in by the media coverage, make sure to stick with us and the guys from Lifeblaster. We will setup shooting points with them through out the mountains! full res photos without water mark can always be purchased directly from them.


Past Event coverage
Japanese Super Car Meet II - Life Blasters
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id be down bring ym nsx

the turn out is great every year! you'll meet lot of new people!! we host this event twice a year so dont miss out!! the meet location might still change because i don't know if the parking lot will be big enough for us. might go back to our old location in bestbuy. I will survey the location and time and space to see if it can accommodate us.
I was hopping that there would be a JSCM again soon and here it is already! Ill be sure not to miss!
bump for next week! im hoping to see more prime members out and could use some help with organizing the groups and drives.

we had a really chill group last time! the drive route is beautiful!!!
Trying to get my master cylinder replaced this week so I can go.
Probably meet up but won't be driving down.

its totaly fine =] last year we had people get ride along in other cars, invite isn't public to be sure to spread them to your fellow nsx gtr supra rx7 buddys.

i brought KK donuts last year for everyone...

does anyone have any request this year?

i blew my supra oil line yesterday , it looks like ill be in my wrecked rx7 with mismatched body panels this year =\....
Depends on NSX Prime attendances.. Count me in...

Lets start a list.
i removed the list from the main post because its not accurate. becase there are cars coming all the way out from reno nevada and bunch of sacramento nsx guys.

here is some of the nsx early in the morning at the last meet.


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one more 10299614_579287848852216_1630794004_n.jpg
I understand.
List i was reffering to was just for NSX Prime so we can gauge how many and who might be coming.

NSX attending.
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Change of plan. Guess im not going.
There will be at least 7 prime members confirmed going tomorrow the board is a bit dead and the list was too short noticed, that's why no one responded. Anyways. See you all tomorrow