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JDM 1991 NA1 keyless entry wiring, no alarm, no oem system, please help!!!

11 June 2009
New Zealand
Hi all. I have a aftermarket keyless entry kit and wish to fit this to my JDM 1991 NA1. Currently I do not have the oem keyless entry and no alarm or factory alarm.

Behind the glove box is the door lock control module. I have spliced into the grey/white and green/yellow wires with a negative signal setup and I get no lock or unlock function. The factory lock/unlock still works fine from the keys and drivers door.

I have configured it also as a positive signal setup to those grey/white and green/yellow, still nothing.

I have read many posts on this matter and none of wiring colours match the posts, must be because its JDM. The key fobs when pushed are connected and working with the black box, I have put a volt meter on and am getting lock and unlock signals on the correct wiring, I just need to know the correct location of the NSX DLCM wiring

Can anybody send me a pic of their wiring as the locations will be the same even though the colours are different.

1. Does the signal need to be + or negative or positive and negative as the badly written setup guide has many options

Here is the diagram:

here is the plug of the door lock control module:

You say that you no longer have the OEM alarm. If this means that you no longer have a security control unit, you can connect your keyless entry to the left (white/yel & Grn/white wires) or right (blk/red& blk/white wires) door lock switches. Either door switch should work just fine. Use the Figure #3 negative trigger. This will be equivalent to unlocking the doors using your interior door switches. Just be aware that if you do have a security control unit, this arrangement will not arm your security system. This is all based on the assumption that the JDM lock unit has the same terminal arrangement as the North American market car.

Before wiring up anything, do a test by briefly connecting the white/yel wire (or its JDM equivalent) to ground - door lock should open, connect the grn/white wire (or its JDM equivalent) to ground and the door lock should close. You can use the other pair of wires if you want to. As noted, either should work fine.

If you want to arm a security control unit, you will have to connect the keyless entry up to the two switches that are connected to each key cylinder not the door switches (you connected up to only one of the key cylinder switches). You need to connect up to both which requires that you have a second output from your keyless unit. You could do this by adding two extra relays.

Of course on your car, left maybe right - who knows how Honda differentiates the wiring arrangement between LHD and RHD.
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Hi, thanks for the detailed reply. Funny thing is I just traced the wiring from the JDM service manual and figured it out and was about to post the solution when I sat down and saw your reply :wink:

Yes the JDM cars are wired opposite, ie the white/yel and green/wht is the drivers side and the blk/red and blk/white is passenger but funny enough the passenger circuit doesn't open the drivers side but the drivers side opens both. My car doesn't have a security module, it was never removed, no loom exists for it. Must not have been chosen as an option when purchased new.

Whats also different than US cars is that the doors lock and unlock themselves when below and above 20kph. This is the same as other 90's Japanese cars I have owned, ie GTO, GTR and Supra. From memory Japanese imports had this as a safety feature and on 4 door cars the rear windows don't open fully to prevent kids falling out.

Anyway I am all set and its working great, now just need to tidy up my wiring and away we go