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JH4NA1184TT000078 check - newbie on the list

10 July 2008
Outside Boston
JH4NA1184TT000078 check - newbie on the list - NEW OWNER!

Hey Everyone-

I’ve been lurking on this site for a while as my obsession with NSXs has grown. I’ve wanted one for years and now I think I’m getting my chance to own my dream car.

Does anyone know anything about the Red 96 in Florida with the VIN:


The Carfax is clean – showing 2 owners and multiple services at local dealers. Nothing out of the ordinary. The car apparently just came from the local Acura dealer from having a major service (plus some other work) done.

I think I snagged a great deal on eBay – the guys sounds legit and things are checking out so far, but I want to be as sure as possible. This isn’t chump change for me and I’m 1,400 miles away in Boston

Anyone around lace w:st="on">Boca Ratonlace> and want to check it out for me?

Any other advice for a remote buyer?

All the pics look good to me (the uninitiated) but I did notice that there appears to be a little rust on the spare tire – is that common? Does it mean it wasn’t garaged or something?

Thanks to all!!

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Whoa. Crazy post haha.

Rust on the spare tire? I thought they were aluminum. :confused:

Maybe they made the wheel out of steel since it's the spare and didn't matter much. :tongue: Maybe it just has something on it. Are you talking about the yellow finish?

What sort of work was done?
Are the spares Aluminum? Maybe it came from somehere else then... I haven't seen the car in person yet... I'm going down next week to check it out/drive it home...

The pic I was referring to is attached... does anyone else's spare tire look like that?

Also, this is the work that was just done:

$4,094.26 service visit to Delray Beach Acura on June 30, 2008, where they did a complete servicing which consisted of a new timing belt, alternator belt, a.c. belt, water pump, timing belt cover, coolant, oil change, adjustment to valves, new gasket set, A/C servicing, New A/C switch, Computer Assembly, 4 wheel alignment, Induction service, Fuel system service, Brake flush, and Trans Service.



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That's not rust. The wheel is yellow.
Send me a PM with your phone number. I just moved from Boca to Delray and I can check the car out for you before you come down. I stopped going to Delray Acura for service because I wasn't satisfied with their customer service department.
@ $32k you got one helluva deal (assuming everything checks out). please let me know if you decide to pass on the deal.

make sure you restore the knob and boot back to oem a.s.a.p.
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Well we have a new owner on Prime. Joe took this beauty home with him tonight. The car is very clean, there were a few blemishes but nothing out of the ordinary for a 12yr old car. The gentleman that consigned the car had it at a private collection that was un-effing-believable. Plus he knew alot of the major players in town who I happen know personally.

So Joe....Congrats and try to keep smokey out of the rearview mirror. :biggrin:
Thanks guys... excited to graduate to the 'real' forums for the owners (not the 'prospective owners')

And thanks again DocL for all your help down in FL. Definitely made the process easier having you there and you've really kickstarted my NSX education...

Yeah, so I picked this beauty up in Boca Raton, FL friday evening and drove through saturday and sunday home to Boston. Other than seeing a poor lady in silver GM-something hit a dear on the other side of the Merritt parkway outside NYC, the trip was pretty uneventful. (Hit it going 60+, dear went 15 feet up... very sad/scary)

I just set the cruise for 4-over (to keep me out of trouble) and nearly pee'd my pants from excitement on every on ramp. (if the road speed limit is 70, doesn't that mean you can go 70 on the on-ramp?) I cruised most of the way home with the top down and loved every minute of it...

Heck, I didn't even realize I was going to get 29-30 mpg... that was a great bonus!

The only thing I noticed we missed during the PPI was the radio/reception issue. Looks like a pretty typical problem anyway here in the forums, but man, the 24-drive would have been much better with tunes.

Well it's good to hear that you had an uneventful drive home. I guess we neglected to check the stereo. I probably would have loaned you my cd changer if I knew ahead of time. I was too concerned about listening for any abnormal engine sounds to think about the stereo. Besides, I can barely hear mine because of my exhaust and loss of hearing due to my old age. :biggrin:
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