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jh4na2166wt000057 on eBay

Thanks for the heads up, Coconut. I had communicated with gelat0 and he decided to pull his NSX off the market as he could not bear to part with it. This is definitely a scam. :mad:
Got an email from the seller. Definitely a little shady.

Hi ,

Since I`m located in Hawaii and the car along with the documents (including the clear title) are located in Texas, we need to have our deal registered at eBay.The transaction will be fully under eBay's surveillance, giving us both security and insurance that nothing will go wrong. They will be the 3rd, objective party involved in the transaction. This way you will actually pay for the car after you will receive and test it, because eBay will hold the funds in an escrow account and release it to me only after you accept and confirm the delivery. After the car reaches your address you will have 5 days to test it. Within this period you have to decide if you purchase it or not. If you decide to take it you will have to contact eBay and let them know that, so they can release the payment to me. If you won't like it you will have to ship it back to me within the 5 days and eBay will refund you. The shipping back will be done on my own expense, but I am sure this will not be the case.
If you decide to buy the car ,please include the following information in your next email.
-Ship to name and address ( the complete name and address of the person receiving the car ).
The listing has been removed.

Any time an alleged owner comes up with an excuse for not being able to show you the car in person, it's almost certainly a scam.

BTW, there is no such place as Veedersberg, Illinois.
do people still fall for this scam as its been alive for along time now.

if you craigslist a 2004 acura TL you will tons of them for 2600 bucks.

they must really like that body style as there are so many of them.
It is a scam and I reported it to ebay, it is scary to see how this can happen. I sold the car last week for $53k to a buyer that plans to ship it to Japan and add it to a collection. Sad to see it go, it was a great car.

What? :eek: I'm sorry to hear that it's leaving the country! :frown:
I get a kick out of messing with these losers. Tell them you want to buy the car and just lie, lie, lie. See how many whoppers you can pile on THEM! Then finally tell them the cops are on there way over to there real address, not the phony one they gave you. Jokes on you worthless schmuck!
Wow, what a saga. Please do keep her, and then sell her to me in a year or two. :biggrin:

My car is not for sale, someone took my pictures that I had posted for a show and made an ebay listing out of it. Only way I found out about this is that the local dealer called me saying some guy called wanting info on my car that was for sale. Dealer thought I was selling and wanted to buy it from me himself.. I contacted ebay and listing has been removed.. I am not selling car at this time.
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well at least the maintenance isnt due until feb 2013 :rolleyes:

that one 96 nsx post has been on every craigslist page known for only 2400 too!
I reported it to fleabay as soon as the listing was auto posted on Prime. But it would help get their attention if more us hit the report button before someone gets fleeced.
You know whats odd, is that this scam and the other recently that was that silver one, was what got me interested in this car again. As you can see in another post I am working on getting one. I saw the fake listing and went wow!! they really have come down in price!!!... but then it became appaerent they were scams, and then I got to calculating some things and decided to go for it and try to get one... so there is a silver cloud to this for me anyway