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Join the NE for the annual River Run

13 February 2008
Pennington, NJ
Hi all,
I know in the past some of you have joined us for the Annual River Run event and we're hoping to see you again on June 23!

More information can be found in the NE region forum and if you want to see what it is like, just do a search on River Run for pictures from prior year's events.

Chuck and Fernande have put together another awesome drive and super food is planned again for lunch (same folks who put together the NSXPO2012 Fun Run). Add in a fun scenic (fun twisty, fun sweeping curves) drive, great folks, and beautiful cars and how can you not join us!

PM myself or The Don with any questions.

Hope to see you all there

PS If you have time tomorrow and want to join us for a Breast Cancer Charity Walk held in honor of one of our member's former wife, check out the 'Michelle Offsie Walk for Hope' thread.