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Suspension JRZ RS Coilovers w/ Hyperco Springs and JRZ Top Mounts

24 August 2016
Hello Prime - I am selling my JRZ RS coilovers. These are an outstanding setup (as is well-evidenced by many on the forum), but I’ve got two sets of suspension and am not using these.

Shocks: JRZ RS Two
Top Mounts: JRZ spherical pillow-ball
Springs: Hyperco 550/450 w/ helper springs
Location: Socal
Price: $1,900 + shipping

The suspension was on the car when I purchased it; this setup is the regular two-way RS (compression and rebound are adjustable). A few months before I purchased the car in 2017, the PO had Wes Burton Performance in Concord, NC do a complete overhaul of the shocks. The rebuild consisted of overhauls of all four struts and pillow ball mounts, along with new Hyperco springs: 550lb (10k) front and 450lb (8k) rear. The total price of the service with parts and labor was over $1,700. Since then, approximately 5k miles have been put on the suspension. I’d estimate the shocks have about 25k miles on them total.

A couple of items on these shocks: First, there are only 3-4 turns of compression range on the front two shocks as opposed to the normal 8 turns. Initially I thought the adjusters were seized, but given the recent rebuild I was skeptical of this. After doing more research, it seems that on the rebuild, the amount of compression and/or rebound was purposely reduced / tightened; my guess is that these shocks were re-valved for the 10k spring rates up front and thus the window of compression was tightened up (given that otherwise the shocks work beautifully and there are no issues at all with adjustments otherwise).

Secondly, one of the rear shocks does not make a “click” when adjusting rebound settings, however, the knob itself has tension on both ends like it should. The rebound adjuster on the other rear shock works great, and the compression adjusters on both rear shocks also have a full range of motion (my guess is during the rebuild, the rears were not re-valved given the relative rates were not increased as much as the front).

As mentioned above, the current rates are 550lb front / 450lb rear. The suspension rode firm, but not harsh, and in canyons it handled incredibly well. The pillow ball mounts are a bit noisy, but are very nice pieces and rock solid, and given their recent rebuild should last a long time.

This setup with springs and pillow ball mounts is over $4,400 new from SOS; I am asking $2,400 picked up in Los Angeles. I am willing to ship but the buyer must pay. I am not looking for any trades at this time. Let me know if any questions. Thanks!














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