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Jumping wires for taillights

12 June 2002
Brunei/ UK
Since mine is Euro specs we have one brake lights on each sides and one tail lights for night time. My friend have the Japanese spec which have two brake lights on each side. When he switch on the night lights the whole rear lamps lights on. While all the lights are on, when he brakes the lights becomes brighter. I want to jump the taillight wiring to do this.

Question 1. Will this cause any problem to the taillight sensor?

Question 2. How to do the wiring?
If you get the correct dual filament socket it should be fine. The light sensor should sense NO resistence to tell you the bulb is blown. Anyhow an extra brake light bulb will hardly make a difference in loading the circuit.

Installing Fog light and headlamps is a different story since they draw a lot of power.
Thanks fkong. I will try to jump the wires this Sunday.
Had the wires all done yesterday. Wow the effects is very nice. I will post some photos.
Photos as promised. Thanks fkong for the advise.

Items needed:
1. 4 Dual filaments socket to replace the 4 single filament socket for the European spec NSX.

Running light (night light) off and brake pedal pressed.

Running light on and brake off.

Running light and brake on.
wow jin! always wanted to do it myself looks great

this is definitely next on the DIY list for me.

how long did it take you ??
was it easy ? I'm not handy with electric stuff.
I didn't do it myself. Instead the technician who did it for me and it looks fairly easy.

From what I could understand having the two filament socket enables the bulb to be running light and brake light. But you need to change the bulb to be the double filament one. The double filament bulb have one filament which lights up dimly and the other filament bright.

Basically its very simple but I could not show it in words. Good luck in your DIY.

On the side note, the job didn't cause any dash board light to lights on nor it reduce the electrical power in the car. :smile: