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Just Curious

I think someday I'm going to get the comptech one for 10 G's. But if their is a comparable unit with excellent reliability and overall quality I'd get the cheaper one of course!
well, boys and girls, i just had a comptech s.c. installed on my 2000 this weekend and have to say that it's worth 2x the price. what a treat... the power is tremendous as well as refined (just that subtle little whine from the engine compartment). nice job acura/comptech :>)

on the other hand, if it was only 6K, i could buy more of the speed goodies i see everyone posting about all the time.

Great to hear about the Comptech worth the money. I am also having one put on my 2000, did you do any other mods or just the supercharger? Oh and if one was available for 6K that looked and worked just as well, of course I would go that route also.

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only added the s.c. . did i mention that mark basch ordered/installed it for me and did a wonderful job?

here's a question for those who have an s.c. installed: given i like elegant speed rushes to 130ish... what should be the next tweak to my ride? (remembering that zero/low maint is my preferred approach).

1) Brakes (esp. front) should be the next step, then a better clutch. But, don't hurry on the clutch. Go ahead and abuse your stock clutch to death, then move to a better one.

2) It tends to get overlooked in discussions, but one of the reasons the Comptech blower is expensive is that it is based on the Whipple supercharger, which is easily the best unit available. Roots/Eaton blowers are cheaper, but that is for a good reason. They are not built as well and the fundamental design is inferior. The Whipple is the most volumetrically efficient and thermally efficient supercharger you can buy. Another reason is the engineering. To an inexperienced eye, their kit could have come from the factory. It is very well integrated and fits perfectly into the engine bay. My 2 cents.