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Just paid off the loan on my 2002! ITS PAID OFF !! WAhoOO!

19 July 2004
Houston Texas
After owning my 2002 Nsx for 3.5 years or so, I decided to cut my loan short and sent in a payment to close the loan and pay off the car !

MAN it feels good to pay it off !

Dont get me wrong, Ive paid cash for cars before, and paid off many cars before, but theres a different feeling in paying off my nsx for some reason.. I cant put my finger on it, but I think Ill enjoy driving the Nsx even more now!

Just wanted to share my excitement, thank you guys for taking the time to read this !

Congrats! Any new pics of the car? Man, I love those rims!
MAN it feels good to pay it off !

Just wanted to share my excitement, thank you guys for taking the time to read this !


Doesn't it feel gooooooooodddddd.:cool:
Congrat's to you. Isn't that an awesome feeling?
I'll add my congrats to the list. There's no better feeling of self worth than paying off a loan in full before it's maturity date. :smile:
Congratulations! Just don't get the mod bug or you will be right back where you started.

Having 3 kids in 4 years, starting 2 businesses with no equity, and buying the most expensive house by anyone on either side of my family cured me of my need to be 100% out of debt for a LONG time.


But I do own all my cars outright and have managed to hang on to my NSX through it all! The NSX is a lot cheaper then therapy, hookers, drugs, or some of the other vises I hear about all the time. Perhaps Acura can use that in their ads?

Welcome to the Club!

Now that you've received entrance to the great feeling of having paid off your car we welcome you to sign up for "Mod Therapy" because its next on this train...

Way to go! I have to agree with some posts the feeling is pretty nice. :)
Mod bug ?

Dont think I can get anymore mod buggish!

Ive already got headers, exhaust, coilovers, wheels, and comptech blower!


Only things Ill be doing from here on out is maintenance and maybe small modifications (mainly since there isnt anything else for me to really modify unless I start building the engine!)
Ken, you're one in a million buddy! (keep it up!) :biggrin:
What a great feeling! I cant wait. I'll be paying off my 92 later this month, and as soon the check clears for the payoff...Im applying later that day for another loan for my Zanardi.:redface: :biggrin: