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Just (re) introducing myself.

3 December 2021
Long Island
Hello Prime. My name is Anthony. I believe I had an account here around the mid/late 2000's, but I forgot my username and password.
My story is this. In 2003/2004 I was in Dental school and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Honda HSC as the successor to the 1st gen NSX.
The NSX and Detomaso Pantera were my two all time favorite cars.

My father retired from his 30 year career in 2005 and was going to buy himself a brand new Corvette as a gift to himself. As I was in school (and about $300k in debt) I asked him to find and buy an Acura NSX instead because I knew it would be an excellent investment opportunity and I told him I would take it off his hands at a later date. He found one with low miles and bought it for $45K.

My father was going to leave it to me in his will, but I didn't want it that way.. he's up there in age now and can barely get in and out of the car.. it sits in his garage almost all year long. So I offered to buy it from him last week and he did me a solid and sold it to me for what he paid for it in 2005. So basically, he fronted me the principle on this particular investment 16 years ago.
So I am now the owner of my dream car. 1999 Silverstone Targa with 35K on the clock.

It's a trip seeing a lot of the usernames from back then ,again. Its a shame Larry B no longer works on cars because I live on Long Island and I am looking for someone with experience to do all the necessary 30K mile stuff that needs to be done (Timing belt included). I feel I'm pushing my luck driving it with its original belt and such sporadic use.

Anyways, I'm getting myself re-acquainted with the car and hopefully with this community.

Anyone with any knowledge/experience of quality NSX techs (dealership or independent ) on the Island , please chime in.

Hope you all are well in this clown world we are living in.