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Just test drove '91

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Oct 20, 2001
I've just test driven a '91. The car was everything that the forum said. I did notice, however, that in slow turn the carhad quite a bit of understeer. If it wasn't that it took a lot of muscle to make the sharp turn. I'm aware that this is manual steering, but the speed wasn't that slow. A minor issue was that the left armrest was quite a distance from my arm, and there was no real support while driving.
As to the power issue, I was thinking of adding a supercharger, but it seems to make more sence to find an early model with one installed already.
BTW, has anyone compared the NSX to a late model Lotus esprit V8?

Many thanks!!!!

Stuart Hoffman
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May 30, 2000
Southampton, PA, USA

Perhaps this car had weird tires or was in need of an alignment.

Understeer and a poor turn in are not typical or normal for a NSX.

High steering effort with the manual steering models is common, but only at low speeds.

Finding a car that already has a supercharger is one way to save a lot of money, because those mods generally don't pay off when it comes to resale value.

Of course, you might want to find a non-SC'd car so you can install a Basch Boost unit. I think that will likely be the forced induction product of choice. But, that's just my opinion.

As to comparing the NSX to the Lotus...

Well from a performance perspective, I think they're fairly close. However, when it comes to quality, refinement, comfort, maintenance and serviceability, I say there's no comparison and the NSX wins hand down.

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Nov 10, 2001
Might want to check the air pressure.

The '92 I recently bought seemed awfully hard to steer until I found the previous owner was running all tires around 20 lbs pressure.

Just a thought.