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Karting at Chicago Indoor Racing

15 November 2001
Chicago, IL, USA
We learned a few things at the first karting event:

1. Sean is the Ice Man.
2. Val does not see orange cones as a barrier.
3. If you spin in front of Randy, he's not going to lift.

I think everyone had a blast at the Fling. It's time for a rematch!

The only question I think is WHERE and WHEN?

Chicago Indoor Racing seems like a good option that is a lot closer.

If we do it in August, we will have to go to the original Buffalo Grove location. The new Addison location (near Dave and Busters) will not be open until mid September (who knows if that will be delayed).

Val is checking with a neighbor that has a contact there on more details. I wanted to get a thread going so people are thinking about this.

The first question is do we want to do it on a weekend or an evening during the week?

I think what everyone liked about the Fling was that we had fun and didn't kill an entire day. So maybe like Saturday morning?

An idea: maybe this time we can get qualifying times, and then for one of the races, reverse grid the field to make it a little more interesting.

Morning till when?
Its a little too much time off if I go. I have to get my wife to take off work if its on a Sat.
Sounds Like a Plan!

The Addison location was supposed to be open in June, and it has been pushed back several times..

It would not kill us to take a 20 min ride to Wheeling to go carting:rolleyes:

Set up a date, My open dates are
Friday night and Saturday August 15 and 16

August 29th 30th 31st

And september is open. We could have a
(not going to NSXPO meet) :biggrin:

Damn sorry Frank and Val... wont be able to make it.... Got the call to head back next week. Ill be back in November:(
I've got to get a good count of who's REALLY in. Before i talk to the neighbor for a discount at the BG CIR.

Lets lock down a date.
I'd love to do it again!

But......I want a fast cart this time, like the Two Randy and Sean had out in Indiana. :biggrin:
Hi Frank, the 16th sounds like the best chance for us. They don't start until 3PM on a Saturday, or that would be when we get a block of time? Right now it takes forever to get to Chicago from Wisconsin if you're on 294, and the traffic is not the kind I want to run the NSX in (I feel better driving the truck!). I'll probably come in from the West on 12, will need some details about where the track is. Tony & Vicki
Hey Tony -

Where have you been? How is the undertray? Have you gone to Downers at all? I've been away on production for most of the summer, so I've missed a lot of the cruise nights/car events.

If we do it the 16th for Karting, it probably won't be until the evening.
Frank-been very busy with taking the pool out and landscaping, working on other projects and the weather has not been cooperative at all this year. Full undertrays and diffuser are done and work well, lots of other changes too. Hope to see you the 16th. Tony
I'm available for the 16th.
If I fit in the kart, I'm in too.

3. If you spin in front of Randy, he's not going to lift.

Frank, it's not as if I didn't lift, I believe my knee was stuck under my chin...

[edit] I'm good for the 16th
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I am most likely out the 16th, unless its later at night. Have Bday party to attend from 2-4pm. Its a sat. so its the only day my wife works and she is taking off the Sat. 9th already.:frown:

I've contacted Misty:biggrin: referred to me by neighbor. We haven't talked about pricing, however, we'll need min. 8 people to commit to the date and time decided. We will need to get this roster up immediately, w/ people to commit to as if they paid a deposit on this.
OK. Here's the deal on the Karting.
We will need a minimum of 8 people for reservations.
The event will give you EVENT will give you THREE track runs with the final-4th Event being the finals for the TOP 10 qualifiers racing.

The Event will cost $70/each driver. We were given an off peak rate. I don't really know if peak is winter or summer time.

If you just want to do individual racing I believe one track event is $25 dollars, but we will not have reserved status and you will be racing w/ others that are not w/ the group
OK guys, it's Monday, 16th is just 5 days away. Is this going to happen? Not much info so far. From what I see this is at Chicago Indoor Racing, Buffalo Grove and cost is $70/driver. Looks like three "events" (what is that, 1 lap?) and a fourth final for qualifiers or something? What time would this start? I saw on the website that they want you there 1 hour ahead of time, and we have to drive down from Milwaukee area. I would have three drivers in my group (me and two sons that think they won't be eating the old man's dust!). Have to plan very soon if we are going to do this. Thanks, Tony
Sorry Tony... I was going to post some info up this morning but you beat me to it.

After talking with people and trying to round everyone up there just aren't enough people interested to have a private event at this time.

SO, we're going to push this event to September when people don't have as many summer activities on their calendar. This is an indoor event, so we can plan it any time of the year.

I will post up a new thread with info on the new time, date.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.
Not a problem, that's what I needed to know. FWIW, September is a pretty busy time for a lot of people as well, maybe consider a time when the weather is really starting to change, like between Halloween and Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving things heat up pretty much for Christmas and New Year, but then after that we're all giong mad by the end of February.