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Keyless Entry for 1991 NSX

17 May 2007
I just called my local dealership and was given the bad news that the keyless entry kit for 1991 NSX is not listed anymore. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a kit. (Module/Key FOB/Harness)
Be sure when you call its the kit for the 91-92 NSX. When I had my dealership check the national database in 2005, there were only three left in the country.

The 93+ units are still available - make sure when someone says "yeah we have it" they are not talking about the 93+ units (b/c 93+ model yr units will not work in a 91-92).
Talked to JR at Ray Laks friday and he said they had them in stock for $360.


That sounds like the price for 93+. The list for 91-92 was under $250-$300, but it is possible that prices have gone up.
I just called Ray Laks Acura this morning and they said they can get the keyless kits for 1993 and later only. I also called Delray Acura and came up dry.

In another thread on the FORUM, I learned that there are inexpensive keyless kits (about $30) on eBay that you can splice into your system to actuate the doors and trunk locks. The problem is that when doing so, the person (who seemed pretty resourceful) who posted the information in the thread could not figure out how to use it to also arm and disarm the alarm system. It seems to me that someone who is familiar enough with the early NSX wiring diagram should be able to come up with a way to wire in these kits so they can both actuate the locks and arm the alarm. Afterall, there are guys who devise products like the SmartTenna. This problem doesn't seem like it should be much more complicated than that. To me, it seems like all the heavy lifting has been done. Is anyone familiar enough with the wiring of the alarm system to get it to also work using one of these inexpensive keyless kits?

Again, JR said they HAD THEM IN STOCK for $360, '91-'92 !
I may be mistaken but that's the poop as I heard it.