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Kiwi's make yourself known

9 May 2010
Aotearoa New Zealand
Ok since i asked for a sub forum i thought i should put something in it.

I have owned my 1991 Formula Red since 1998 it was my daily driver for a few years, however i have gradually turned it more towards a track car without totally ruining her so i can still do the odd daily driving, (after being on here i know i am not alone).

Over the last couple of years i have been trying to track down more owners in NZ and have managed to get about ten owners details and maybe one day we will do something like other countries.
We recently had a track day where there were four NSX's out on track including F1racer's awesome JGTC weapon so that was a first for NZ.

Taupo track day (19).jpgTaupo-Fraser, me, esprit.jpg

So i know some Kiwi's are lurking on this site now is a chance to make yourself known.

I grew up in Wellington but sadly left for the US before I was old enough to drive a car... Miss that wonderful country a lot though. Maybe I'll be back some day.
Mate always welcome back you know that, where are you based now?
I have come across 5 owners down there maybe cause there are no straight roads in that town.
Now in northern California. Last visited NZ in 2003 - it's a long flight but I hear they sold you your cars with the correct badges on them ;-)
Haha yep and with the steering wheel on the correct side
I am a Kiwi (I have been living in Sydney and New York for the last 15 years though) - great to see a NZ sub-forum!
yeah but you will get to drive one soon enough since you have some things i want.........
looking forward to seeing your build out there even if its not in the correct engine bay

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yeah, hopefully over time we will get a few owners together so this is just a start in the right direction
you still wear a black jersey?
I am a Kiwi (I have been living in Sydney and New York for the last 15 years though) - great to see a NZ sub-forum!
Left NZ at 22 and hardly been back. Now based in Osaka, Japan. Have built up Kinokuni which is a race parts shop that joins all the main car parts together. Fuel clutch, water,oil. Catalogue is 230 pages. See you at the Tokyo Auto Salon maybe.
Hey mate good to see you here and yes hopefully one day I will get back to Japan and the Tokyo Auto Salon, it's been too long since I visited.
Got a link to your catalogue any good NSX parts in it? I'm after a wing for track work

And I see you are from the deep south love it down there cant wait to go to the new Highlands track
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Old thread but might as well say a hello
picked up a 91 auto a couple months back, do plan on some mods with the car, but they'll all happen after it gets a manual conversion, so really just lurking through the internet gathering more info.

Just signed up to take it through gumboot rally next month though! so that'll be an interesting experience!