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KONI adjustables/Zanardi Springs

23 October 2000
Saint Augustine, FL
I bought these from DONYMO, but never took delivery. (he still has them) I was going to use them on a car I was going to purchase, but I ended up not buying it.

Has about 5,000 miles on it.

Here is what Don had said about them.

"Zanardi springs over Koni adjustable shocks. Great street/track setup.
Springs are still mounted on the shocks, so you only have to slip your shocks/springs out and slip these in."

"Ride quality is very good. This is THE BEST compromise street/track setup I've ridden in. You can soften up the Koni's and it rides as soft as stock - you can't tell the difference. Firm up the Koni's at the track and it offers significantly more performance than stock - I'd say about 80% as good as the NSX-R suspension."

$425 + shipping.
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Wait so you bought them but never took them? So he would ship them to whoever bought them from you? How many miles are on them?
I am interested in these. However I would like to know how much lowering is to be expected with this combination. Also how old are they?
Pasha said:
Does this setup lower the car?

According to Don, it lowers the car about 1/4 inch. Not a huge drop.

The shocks are 3 years old and the springs are 9 months old.

I was looking forward to using them, but my plans changed. Sorry for any confusion.

Don has agreed to ship them to whoever wants them.

Thanks guys!
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Well, come up with a price for each and that works for me. Though I just thought since they are already mounted, it might be a pain to seperate them.