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Koni Yellows Adjustable Shocks + Comptech Springs, Tanabe Springs

25 July 2012
Tampa, FL
I just upgraded to BC Coilovers on my 1996 NSX, so I'm selling my Koni Yellows Adjustable shocks with your choice of Comptech Sport or Tanabe GF210 Springs. The Tanabe springs are practically brand new.

Here are pictures of my car with the Koni / Comptech so you get an idea of how much they drop:
photo 1 (4).jpg
photo 2 (4).jpg
photo 3 (4).jpg

- Front and Rear Koni Yellows with Dampening Adjustment Knob $450
Paint is scratched and chipped from road debris but found no leaks.
photo 1.jpg
photo 3.jpg
photo 4 (3).jpg

- Comptech Sport Springs $150
Springs have peeling paint and chips from road debris; I suggest getting them re-powder coated.
photo 1 (2).jpg
photo 3 (2).jpg
photo 3 (2).jpg
photo 4 (2).jpg

- Tanabe GF210 Springs $175
Practically brand new and uesd for < 500 miles.
photo 1 (3).jpg
photo 3 (3).jpg

Buyer pays shipping.
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$400 for the Koni adj shocks.

$150 Tanabe Springs.

$125 Comptech Springs.
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I haven't logged on in forever, Life has been busy but good. I still have these. Bump.

$400 Konis
Sold $150 Tanabe
Sold $125 Comptech

Prices shipped within US.
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