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Kudos to Zymol

29 February 2000
St. Petersburg
Fellow NSXR's,
For those of you who were unable to attend NSXPO 2000 last week, I wanted to share a little info with you about the superior support we recieved from Chuck Bennett and the rest of the folks at Zymol. A number of us welcomed Chuck in the parking lot as he arrived after dark on day one of the event. Even though he'd just completed a long trip, he took time and graciously entertained our many questions and inquiries. Before turning in, he made sure the washing station was fully stocked with Zymol goodies to keep all of us looking our best throughout the event. Every day, Chuck was available to provide personalized attention to specific issues many of us had with our cars. I personally watched him spend 40 minutes doing a hood makeover on an early model black NSX. The results were truly impressive. Chuck made sure that EVERY member in attendence recieved a gift from Zymol at the Stone Mountain luncheon on Sunday. In addition, the "Best of Show" award of a lifetime supply of Zymol products was quite generous. This was very deservingly won by Alex Farrington of Atlanta! Beyond his support of the scheduled events at NSXPO, Chuck really went above and beyond when one of our own found themselves in trouble during the week. As many of you may have heard, we had a member go off the road and almost off a cliff during the mountain drive. Chuck jumped right in and donated a new NSX bra to help cover the damaged nose. He also joined all of us in helping to lift the spirits of the driver throughout the balance of the week. In my book, Chuck is a class act. I will proudly use Zymol products exclusively on my car in order to support those who support us.
sounds like a true gentleman, i'll use dem products too WHEN i get an NSX!

me want NSX, me 15, me no have NSX =( but me do 3d art http://members.home.com/mcudich
Yea, I'll second everything you said, Nice guy and a big asset to the NSX community. Glad he took the time to talk to me and I'll buy more stuff from his company because of it. I was impressed with his generosity with everyone especially Kevin.

Chuck @ Zymol has been a strong supporter of the NSX group since before there was even a club. He is an NSX owner himself and is a fantastic guy.
Which Zymol wax was Chuck using at NSXPO the NSX wax or Japon.

The NSX wax.

Also, did he have any recommendations on which wax to use for a daily driven NSX.

The NSX wax, with its greater carnauba content (51 percent), should last longer and give a slightly deeper shine than the Japon. The Japon is less expensive and easier to apply, and still pretty damn good (37 percent carnauba). Your choice.
Hey, great topic b/c having never used a zymol product before, I have just
purchased a black 92 NSX that is in just unbelievable condition. According
the previous owner, it was professionally detailed twice a year with Zymol.
This car must be a true testament to the product b/c I have done years of
prof. detailing as a youth and have never seen anything like this.
Absolutely no swirl makes whatsoever, even remarkable under florescent
lighting. I am concerned that even washing the car with a car wash product
will complicate this paint finish. The car is indistiguishable from a 98
model. So as I was recently trying to find out where to purchase Zymol in
the future, I have only found it in a "cleaner wax". I don't think this is
what I want for such a perfect finish. Secondly, how do I get "NSX Zymol",
that sounds like a winner..
You can also buy it directly from Zymol's website at http://www.zymol.com I'm not sure whether they show the NSX wax there but you can always call their 800 number to order.

Both Emmons Coachworks (see above post) and Zymol give discounts to members of the NSX Club of America. If you're not a member of the club yet, see http://www.nsxca.org for more information.

I have only found it in a "cleaner wax". I don't think this is
what I want for such a perfect finish.

There are really two lines of Zymol products. Zymol has lent its name to Turtle Wax for certain products that are mass-marketed in lots of auto parts stores; any product with the Zymol name that says it's made in Chicago is actually a Turtle Wax product. The products that are made by Zymol are made in Connecticut (says so on the label) and are only sold in a much smaller number of upscale aftermarket specialty outlets and detailing shops. To find a store near you that sells products made by Zymol, go to http://www.zymol.com/wholesal.htm

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