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KVR slotted rotors on sale

19 May 2006
Morning everyone,

I am not affiliated with KVR in any way but while shopping for new rotors to go on my DD I ran across KVR's website. Currently, all of their regular slotted rotors are 50% off. I decided to purchase a set for the front of my '92 NSX and am impressed with the performance so far. They typically sell for $169 a piece but I picked up a set for the same price. I couldn't find any posts concerning them on the forum and thought this might be another option now that Powerslot no longer sells the 91-96 rotors.



KVR is good stuff I have their BBK SoS sells a version of their BBK too. Terry is the head guy there and he is by far one of the most knowledgable brake people I have ever talked to, they put tons of research in all of their products!

anything they offer will meet your expectations just give em a call and talk to Terry you will be so happy you did!
9 days and Brake-Master hasn't shown up to slap anyone around that says "brakes" and not "brembo" in the same sentence?

He must be on vacation! Good luck untill he shows up! :tongue:
I live in the same city as KVR and know them well. Edwin tuned my Skyline and will be re-mapping my aem in 2 weeks. Terry, their head brake specialist is currently fabbing the parts for my upcoming AP Racing BBK. They are based in Canada but very well known in the car world. Their ads are in most ca magazines. They supply braking hardware worldwide. Highly recommend them.
I want to purchase a pair of the slotted rotors but was wondering about the optional cadmium plating they have in Silver, Gold or Black. Is this just for looks and does anyone know of any pics to see what it looks like on an NSX?