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Larry Garcia...... Lets Burn him @ the stake

it appears to me that larry inspected the sc AFTER he worked on it... and NOT as it was brought to him by swish... which was not what he was paid to do. highly unethical.

if i see the words caveat emptor one more time on this forum i'm gonna slice my wrists.
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I paid an Acura to inspect a used NSX before I purchased it. They informed me of several problems with the car despite the fact that it was "functional". I was notified of previous body and suspension damage that had occurred but had been repaired. Larry was paid to inspect the supercharger and to work in the best interest of the customer paying him. He clearly did neither. He should hve informed the buyer of everything he knew about the supercharger. He did not. Not disclosing the fire damage and hiding behind the "it worked when I had it" excuse sounds like someone covering his butt.
I bet that Brad or The Swisher probably paid Larry some cash on the side to cover up the fact that this supercharger was the burnt one from Ebay and try to refurbish it so that it will pass for a 13 month old unit. I read somewhere that Larry likes to be paid with CASH. This way there will be no paper trail. RED FLAG.

I mentioned in my previous responses about a serial number and sure enough, Jeff said that Comptech told them exactly when this unit was purchased and to whom it was sold to. After finding out about the history, Jeff was able to trace its movements as it eventually ended up in Bradley Swishers hands.

I remember that Ebay auction as I even placed a bid on it but did not win. Thank God! My guess is Bradley Swisher probably bought it from the high bidder and after seeing it, decided he did not want it. Bottom line, Bradley advertised it as a 13 month old supercharger that was in perfect working condition. That was all LIES. He should be held liable for FRAUD!

Now comes Larry Garcia into the picture. He is paid by Jeff to examine the supercharger and make sure it is in the condition that Bradley claimed it to be. Now how can anyone mistaken a burnt supercharger from an almost brand new supercharger? GREED! Money talks and that is why I think Larry probably negotiated a price to cover this up. Larry probably thought that he could make the burnt supercharger look and perform like new so that is why he was rebuilding it at his shop. Not to mention, Jeff also hired him to install new fuel injectors and put it all together so it will be an easy bolt on. With all these opportunities to make money, Larry couldn't say no. What he didn't think about was: there were WITNESSES that saw him working on a burnt supercharger. If that is not FRAUD, then what is?

To make things worse, Jeff paid him for new fuel injectors and not until he sent the unit out to Mark Basch did he find out that the injectors were not new. Again, Larry took money for something he did not do. FRAUD?

Larry Garcia's responses have been very poor and does not address the main issues. The only reason why Larry wants the damaged supercharger back first before he sends out a working one is probably because he wants to eliminate the EVIDENCE that could put him away. With Jeff's receipts on what was suppose to be done at NSX Modified, and with the damaged supercharger for examination, one should be able to conclude that Larry did not perform his duties properly nor ethically.

I have learned alot from this whole dilema and I am very sorry that Jeff had to be the person who got the short end of the stick. I was in a position to purchase this supercharger but didn't feel comfortable after a couple of e-mails from Bradley Swisher. I talked to Jeff over the phone and I KNOW he is a very honest and ethical person. I am so glad that you finally got everything together and your car is running again. Now you should still persue legal action. Good Luck!
Originally posted by Litespeeds:
Larry probably thought that he could make the burnt supercharger look and perform like new so that is why he was rebuilding it at his shop. ......
Larry Garcia's responses have been very poor and does not address the main issues.

You pretty much have the facts straight. However, Swisher didn't buy the SC from the high bidder on Ebay-he was the high bidder. Also, you are right that Larry thought he could make this box of bolts perform well. He was wrong. We just opened up the fuel pressure regulator and it was full of rust (likely consequence of being doused in the engihe fire) and had the wrong components to boot. We finally ran the car again and the regulator still needs furhter work-but we are finally close! Larry was not up to the job of restoring a burnt SC-you have to go through everything to make sure it works. But I'm told he spent alot of time painting it to try to get away with it.
And you are right on his motive-he got $965 from me and was supposed to get about $800 from Swisher, I am told.
I am glad you noticed his responses did not address any of the main issues. And it is ludicrous that he says I can return the parts I purchased from him-LARRY, ARE YOU REFERRING TO THE ONES YOU DIDN'T DELIVER??!!