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Last minute drive -- got my Challenge Stradale


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1 October 2001
San Diego, CA, USA
Hi Folks, long time no post -- been heads down into work, but, well it's that time to take a break and start driving...

Especially since I just took delivery of my new 360 Challenge Stradale :)

So I'm inviting people to join me Saturday morning, 9am, at the AM/PM off of Deer Springs road off of I15, about 10 miles north of Escondido.

We'll hit Palomar Mountain, Mesa Grande, get lunch in Santa Ysabella, and then hit Highland Valley road, popping out on the I15 a few miles south of the North County Fair mall.

Please email me [email protected] if you can come, although, quite honestly, I'm taking the car out even if by myself :) It needs to stretch its legs, and city driving so far isn't cutting it. I should be at Willow Springs in mid-July, but I can't wait that long.

Everyone is invited who has a decent sports car (e.g. no bias towards any one brand), and who can control their testosterone and not drive like an idiot.

Usual disclaimers: I am just out for a ride; if you show up, you're following me or I'm folowing you -- e.g. this is not an event put on by me.

Control youself, drive UNDER your limits, people WILL wait for you, so don't feel left behind and panic and speed up and make a mistake -- we will wait at various points.

Let's have fun, let's not get in trouble, let's not get hurt, and let's not mess up our beautiful cars.

-Z18 -- [email protected]
Zanardi #18
996 Turbo
360 Challenge Stradale

(yes, the Stradale is everything I hoped it would be, and rarely does one's expectations match what you truly get -- it is THAT good)
Z18 you lucky devil :D
I have too many irons in the fire with investments at the moment, but as soon as I free up some cash and sell my 456... I will be a loving owner of a Stradale as well! ENJOY IT!!!
JAM said:
Z18 you lucky devil :D
I have too many irons in the fire with investments at the moment, but as soon as I free up some cash and sell my 456... I will be a loving owner of a Stradale as well! ENJOY IT!!!

Thanks -- the 1.5 year wait was long, but well worth it :)

Having driven an Enzo, albeit briefly, the car is very much like an Enzo but with less HP... I am VERY impressed by it all -- the build quality, the HP and torque (feels like more torque due to 200lbs less weight), the handling, the precise steering, the MUCH improved F1 shifting (had a regular '99 360 before), the crazy awesome braking with the carbon-ceramic rotors, the interior... it's all there, and it's all if not more than I expected :)

Good luck on getting yours soon :)
De just informed me he's coming and will spread the word on his end -- I also contacted the Ferrari/Porsche guys, but it is short notice. Also am pushing some co-workers to attend... we have a Viper, an Evo, an STI, 2 Porsche Boxsters, a tricked out Dinan older 3 series, etc. We'll see who all will come.
I'm in for this!!!!its going to be FUN FUN FUN!!!

Ps....Congards on the Stradale... love that car. Can't wait to see it.
Things continue to look good for the drive. Getting good feedback on the turn out and the weather forecast from today for tomorrow is looking good:

Valley Center Area
Mostly Sunny High

Santa Ysabel
Mostly Sunny High

Palomar Mountain
HIGHS 84 TO 93...

(looks like the 'June Gloom' we are getting closer to the coast is burning off inland and that the weather couldn't be better -- definitely going to bring a digial camera).
I'm interested, but I have a few questions:

1) How many cars are going to make it out?

2) I have R compound tires on my car and I don't have the time to put my street tires on before morning. The tread is completely worn off and they are now "slicks" (however, they still have usabel life in them). Are R compound tires with no tread dangerous on city streets? They're fine for the track because the road surface is clean, but I'm afraid of public road debris (sand, pebbles, water etc) making a treadless tire dangerous. Or does the soft R compound make up for the lack of tread when going over road debris?

3) Anyone know the meeting point address? Deer Springs doesn't show up on my Mapquest. I'm from Long Beach and I don't know the area.

Any thoughts?
Any idea what time the run should be finished?
the am/pm is on the northwest corner of I-15 and deersprings road. See attached.


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WOW!!! Frist off I want to say thank you, Brad for not charging us NSX'er $15.00 for doing the canyon run with a Ferrari he!he! :D . Today meet was a amazing !!! its start out cloudy but end up to be a prefect day for canyon run!!!! Not a lot of cars show up! but David and I didn't really care we're there to see Brad new deliver Ferrari 360 Startdale.(now, only if I have the money!!!).. the Car was just stunning and beautiful , I am speechless!!! Next time I want a ride Bard.

Ps.Brad Thanks for sharing a beautiful piece of Machineary!!! A ture piece of artwork...

Troy, nice to see you again..we'll meeting again at the Prime Canyon Run!!!!


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Glad you guys enjoyed it -- I had an absolute blast and am still amazed as to how well the CS performed. Rarely is one's expectations met, but this car keeps exceeding my expectations. I drove it at 5/10ths, maybe 6/10ths, holding back to learn the car, yet still got tremendous performance, comfort, and confidence from it. And then I did push it hard here and there, it still came back to me reliably and predictably (unlike what a few magazine reviews have said).

The true test will be on the track, but so far, so GOOD :)
That car looks amazing and the exhaust sound is just incredible. Congrats! I think even a SC NSX would have a hard time keeping up to the CS.

The brakes sure make those of the NSX look like old junk!

On question, how come no $3,000 stripe on the car? :)
NetViper said:

On question, how come not $3,000 stripe on the car? :)

Didn't really care for the way it looks, quite honestly. I got the Rosso Scuderia color, the black interior with a mix of leather here and there but definitely still a racing feel, the badges, the factory fire extinguisher, the stitching...

Unfotunately DOT woudn't allow factory 4-point harnasses nor the factory roll-cage :( (both of which are options on the euro-spec car). I assume this is some PC way to say 'yeah, well, yes that would be safer, but then we'd be condoning going faster by making it safer for you to go fast' or some such spurious logic.
PoohBEAR said:
by the look of this picture, the Stradale makes them X's really small.....:D
Wider is better!!!! Sadly but ture!!! NSX look like a toy next to the Stradale....