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Got a 2014 Cayman S last week.....

19 May 2003
Temecula, CA
Well as many of you know I sold my beloved NSX last month and started the hunt for something new....

Let me just say, I will always LOVE the NSX and it will always be one of my all time favs but after having three of them over the last 16 years it was time for a change..... I will hope to have another NSX in the future and would love to have kept it for life, but I couldn't afford to keep her and get a new toy without a divorce :wink:

So I started hunting down what to me was the closest thing to a modern day OG NSX.... the choice was simple.
The 981 Cayman(2014-2016) was the easy choice. Mid engine NA flat six fit the bill.

After looking for the last six months at them seriously I started a nation wide search for my unicorn

I wanted a white on black 981 Cayman S with a few must haves
x73(sports suspension, lowers the car 20mm with GT3 sways)
Sports design steering wheel
20" Carrera S wheels
Sport Chrono pkg( launch control, rev matching, cool lap timer, etc)
The rest was gravy...and this one has plenty of that....
Did a vin search(thank you to vinanalytics.com) and found out she had over $18k in options with a window sticker of $82,930

After a few weeks of frustration looking everyday at every site and not finding "the one" (the X73 suspension is very hard to find) one showed up at a Lexus dealership in San Jose. Luckily for me another one from a private owner showed up the same day and was local(So Cal) but it was silver with blue interior, but it had very close spec to the white one and also lucky for me this was at a Lexus dealer who had no clue of what they really had....if this was at a Porsche dealer, it would have been out of my price range...soooo I decided I didn't want any regrets and used the price of the silver one to help me negotiate even a better deal on the unicorn and was on a one way flight the next day to Silocn Valley!!!

It was everything my salesman said it was and more, she was flawless!!!
Came with brand new Perelli P-Zero's , new brakes and just had her 40k service at the local Porsche dealer.
2 owner California car with excellent service record.
The only thing I didn't like was the previous owner had tinted the tail lights and side markers, but I figured that was an easy fix.....it was even better, cuz after I got home and peeled off the tint I discovered she had the clear side markers and the GTS style tail lights!!! Yeah!! Free mods!!!

I've only had her a week, but my god this car is on another level compared to my 92 NSX.
The power, the big brakes, the handling, the sound system, the feel.... it's just a different animal.
I can't wait to get this thing on a track!!!

I know it doesn't have the wow factor of the iconic NA1 NSX and will never have the appreciation that I enjoyed on my last NSX(which was so good it allowed me to get this car in the first place) but I am going to have a blast driving this car the next few years.....I've never owned a Porsche, but now I get what all the reviews were on the 981 were about and what they talk about when it comes to the driving experience. I wanted a manual, but the PDK transmission is everything it's cracked up to be and more....

I'm not going anywhere and will still be a Prime member for life, so easy on the flack I'm probably going to receive :tongue:






Hope to see some of you soon on a canyon run......if you'll allow me :redface:
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My wife purchased a new 718 Boxster S earlier this year. The build is rather spectacular (solid) and the car handles very well. My wife was shocked to find out there was a trunk in the car. LOL

It's her daily driver now and I've already purchased a set of winter wheels/tires. Enjoy your new toy. No matter how good it is, I suspect you will be drawn back to the NSX (manual) eventually. Cheers!
<snip> Enjoy your new toy. No matter how good it is, I suspect you will be drawn back to the NSX (manual) eventually. Cheers!

Yes, I also suspect you'll eventually miss the engaging factors of an essentially analog car with a manual transmission over this robotic interfacing Porsche :wink:
VERY nice. Having just converted to a another Axis car, you will come to appreciate the PDK on the twisty drives or track where you are looking for the "right" gear but I agree that the feeling of control associated with the manual transmission will be missed especially when the car shifts early for optimal mpg. All of a sudden, the stick goes to the left and it is paddle time.
I'm toying with the idea of a new Gt4 for a drive and arrive track car...
I'm toying with the idea of a new Gt4 for a drive and arrive track car...

I don't think there is a better choice for that type of car than a 981 GT4.... although I'd probably look for one with the more comfortable seats....the carbon buckets are nice, but I wouldn't want them for street use.
Looks great ! I am a fan of the 981's looks. Did it ever come with a manual option?

Yes they do, but I'm falling in love with this PDK.....

The PDK puts the car on another level.... it works great with the sports chrono pkg launch control and rev matching.

The PDK cars are much quicker
No flack from me! I couldn't agree more with your choice! A 2014-2016 Cayman S is on my bucket list, but I'd have to sell something to get one and I'm not quite there yet (NA1 + Cayman S is a nice pair!). Congratulations! :)