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Leaky air valve on Antera Wheels?

24 August 2002
San Mateo, CA

I've been having an odd problem that I haven't been thinking about much.

Occasionally, my front right tire will be flat, ie 12.5 psi or so. I'm good about checking air pressure, especially on this wheel. And, other times, it'll be above 30 like it should. This hasn't been going on long, but more than a little bit.

Just recently, I think I figured out what's going on. When I pulled the air pump out of it, the little pin stayed pushed in, and the tire hissed as it was losing air. I had to get a pin to "nudge" the needle back out.

So, now my theory is that I've got a bad valve on this tire. This wouldn't normally be a big deal, except I have Antera Type 109s on this car. (Beautiful 16/17 three spoke shiny chrome jobbies). Anteras are unique that the air valve is in the center hub, not out at the rim. And, this valve isn't a standard rubber valve, but a little metal screw-in valve.

So, here are my questions:
1) Anyone have an insight?
2) Can I unscrew & repair the valve?
3) Does anyone have any contact info for Antera, their US Supplier, or where I could get a part?
4) If I was brave enough to unscrew this from the wheel, would I use plumbers tape, loc-tite, or what to keep it nice & airtight?

Thanks a bunch!

(tired of ALWAYS checking airpressure...and having to remove those darn center-caps to do so!)