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LED Arc-Light Lumi 2 tails

4 December 2014
Houston, TX
Up for sale are my Arc-Light Lumi 2 which have been on my car for a year. Reason for selling is I upgraded to the Lumi R version and don't need two sets of LED tails. These tails are in perfect working condition with no scratches or damage and have all studs intact. They are already off my car and boxed up for the next person. I would say 9.0/10 just because they are old and not brand new out of a box. They are ready to install with no wait time and are plug and play. Only thing you will need to do is modify your flasher to avoid the hyperflash. The procedure is easy and DIY and I will send the instructions. Also, I would recommend new taillight gaskets as the OEMs are one time use. Most people upgrade to the aftermarket gaskets.

These come with a 5 year transferable warranty and Arc-Light is fantastic with customer service. Responds right away to your questions about install, programming or any other issues. These were the Prestige, but since I am keeping the USB programmer I am pricing them like the Platinum. If you want a USB programmer you can simply buy one from Arc-Light if you truly desire to change the flash sequence/design. Again programming is DIY and Arc-Light has a guide on how to do it and will assist with it.

Below is original Arc-Light thread for these tails and much better pictures than what I would take with my phone camera.

FYI, Arc-Light no longer makes any version of these. So if you wanted to upgrade your tails to LED this is a rare opportunity as these kits don't come up for sale often. Also, when you upgrade to LEDs you cutup the internals of the taillight housing so this is pretty much a permanent change. You can't go back to OEM internals. Hence you have to modify your existing tails or buy new/used tails to modify. That is why this is being sold as a complete installed package.

Preinstalled and working LED taillights = $1700 + shipping
Paypal accepted.
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A few pictures. These are perfect for anyone that doesn't want to cut up their original tails. Or sell your originals to offset the cost of these.
trade for my carbon seats and sparco brakets?

You know, I hadn't even considered trades, but I see no reason not to accept a trade if it works for both people.

As to your carbon seats, are they fixed buckets or can they recline? I personally am not a fan of fixed bucket seats, as I tend to drive my car a lot and go on road trips like to the past few NSXPOs. Plus I made my seat cushions removable via Velcro so when I track, I simply remove the seat cushion in 1 minute and sit directly on the pan. This gives you lower seat height , clearance for helmet and really good side bolstering. Hence, I really like my cushy adjustable OEM seats. I appreciate the offer, but I don't even know how I would fit in your seats without trying them? Seems like a lot of variables.

However, I am looking for a carbon NSX-R hood for my 2000 car with pop-ups. That is something I know I want and I would be happy to work something out.
These need a new home. Will consider offers.
I bought this kit how do/ did you like them?

I think the LED's really update the car, now they match the LED in the spoiler and are so much brighter and visible to other drivers. Only reason I am selling these is to help pay for my upgrade to latest version. That being said each version is great just personal preferences.
Lowered the price. These need a new home.