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  1. Hugh

    Exterior *SOLD* Apkarian LED Taillights - Plug 'N Play Installation

    For sale is a very "minty" set of Chris Apkarian NSX LED tailights. This set was completely assembled by Chris himself. These were originally offered as a DIY kit including just the LED panels with a DIY on how to disassemble your existing taillight housing and do the installation yourself. Upon...
  2. Wild Turkey

    LED Headlight Install with optional Headlight Adjuster Replacement

    LED Headlight Install +/- New Headlight Adjusters Boslla Bullet B1 LED bulbs are great! www.boslla.com When I installed my LED's, I read every thread I could find. After doing it, I made these instructions with pictures Google doc Instructions...
  3. Arc-Light

    [1st Gen] Arc-Light Returns - NSX LED Retrofits - Master Thread

    Been a few years but we're back with some exciting new products! Stay tuned as this thread will be updated over the next few weeks. But first... .:Tail Lights:. 8 Mile Brand new and never seen before! Our first kit that includes 8 user selectable designs including JGTC, 3 Bar...
  4. M

    Exterior Gran Prix White OEM spoiler with LED

    My car is Black and I have zero use for this Spoiler and it's taking up space. It is near perfect condition, only imperfections being; a pinhole size chip on the front edge, paint having micro scratches but can be polished out as they are extremely superficial, and one narrow blemish on the...
  5. Arc-Light

    Arc-Light's most 'Advance' LED kit ever!

    Thank you First - I want to thank our early supporters that made this kit a reality. Without you I can say with 100% certainty that we wouldn't have taken on such an aggressive endeavor - your support has made it possible to bring to reality the finest LED kit ever made for our cars...
  6. hashmiz

    Recent Experience with ARC- Light

    My experience with ARC-Light LED began when one of my rear taillights (lense and all) broke, and my LED turn signal snapped in half. I had a Bright Light Tech LED kit installed and since it was discontinued I thought i'd be out of luck. Did some research and to my luck ARC- Light's name came up...
  7. Arc-Light

    Arc-Light - The final evolution of LED lighting solutions is here

    Arc-Light LEDs This is a day I've been looking forward to for the last several months. Now I know LEDs on a NSX has been done before. Each offering was extremely beautiful and promoted a modern look that complemented the NSX's timeless design. What is even more impressive and inspiring is...
  8. mcrider

    LED Conversion with Hyperflash and Brake Lamp Failure Solution

    This will eventually be a DYI Wiki, but at the moment there are difficulties in editing the Wiki. This PDF File outlines plug-n-play solutions to two common problems when replacing incandescent bulbs on the NSX with LED bulbs, Hyperflashing and Brake Lamp Failure warning. For this project it...
  9. I

    NSX LED Light Conversion Kits - Change all the interior/exterior lights to LED's

    Ikonik LED Our LED Converison Kits include replacement LED bulbs for the following lights in the NSX: 1 LED Map Light 2 LED Door Lights 1 LED Driver Floor Light 1 LED Trunk Light 2 LED License Plate Lights 2 LED Clear Corner Lights 2 LED Reverse Lights 2 LED Inner Taillight Lights (next to...
  10. L

    NSX Tail Light Gaskets / LEDs / Side Markers / Exhaust Bolts / Detailing

    I have the following NSX parts and items for sale. I accept only PayPal payment with a confirmed USA shipping street address. I will cover shipping with delivery confirmation number for free. Private message me if you have you would like to purchase or have questions. Rear Garnish Gasket...
  11. kuni

    Interior interior/exterior led bulb upgrade kit (for 95+ targa models)

    Selling jdmmonkey's interior LED bulb upgrade kit for 95+ targa models. Updated mine to the more powerful (and expensive) ones. These are 100% functional and great bang for the buck. Includes: Driver's footwell Both doors Dome light Trunk light License plate lights $25 shipped for all 7 bulbs.
  12. Bright Light Tech

    Group Buy LED Tail lights Group Buy - Bright Light Tech

    This is a: Direct vendor group buy Minimum Number of Units (can be tiered pricing): 10 Maximum Number of Units (can be unlimited): 20 Closing Date: 90 days Product Will Ship: As payments are received Payment Procedure: Deposit of $100 upon sign up, balance due upon manufacture start...
  13. dreamerstudio

    B.E.A.M LED Taillights Conversion Project

    Hi, recently I started new project to modernize my NSX. Now, I like driving my NSX much more. Well, I hope you'll love your NSX more too!! Let me know how you like it!!! <iframe width="700" height="436" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/bI5HQ7mJkqM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <a...
  14. K

    Kix's LED Taillights

    ----------------------KIX's Inventory------------------------- 1 - NA1/2 POD Kit (PICTURED BELOW) 1 - NA1/2 Full Bar Kit (PICTURED BELOW) ========================================= 1 - NA1/2 GTC Kits in Assembly (End of Jan 2011)...