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Local 1992 NSX for Sale

Saw this posting today - 92 NSX

Spoke with the owner, he has owned it for the last 10 years. Could use a bit of TLC it appears, however it is white which seems to be in demand!


hmm... never seen that one around town

Whoever buys it needs to recover the seats and other pieces, thats a really odd color scheme.

Wonder if Nathan has a documented service history since he has owned it the last 10 years?

Either way, would make a decent DD or track car.

I hadn't seen this around town neither. White is definitely a very desirable color. If there are no snap ring issues, the timing belt was already done and the PPI checks out ok then it could be a good deal I think. I bet this car will be hard to sell with that crazy interior. You might be able to negotiate a better deal if you have cash in hand. Looks like the guy needs cash fast for his house too. You have to ask yourself if you can live with the storm trooper interior. It's going to take a long time and more money to fix the interior.
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I wonder.... what wheels are those?

Ravi, ya gonna need some more stickers :smile:
Meh, just not interested based on the price... to much OEM stuff destroyed so not even that useful to me as a parts car .... the search continues.
Congrats neilsx!

There are some useful threads in our Prime AZ section. I'm too lazy to link them here. But there is our facebook page, info for the Pavillions car show, Cars & Coffee, collector car insurance, AZ emissions exempt if you have collector car insurance, cruises, etc.
Few photos taken with an ipad, will need to take some real outdoor shots and post up a thread. Pretty clean for a 94, all I had to do was wash the bugs off once I made it home.




I bought this car Monday and drove it home to Missouri from Phoenix. There are a few things it needs, the interior being one of them, but nothing I can't handle.

On the way back through Arizona. (New Work XD-9's already installed)
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