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Long Term Serious Basch Boost Supercharger Problem

bharpensx said:
2. No one has ever figured out that the coolant leak is at the reservoir, and if it is, I can't replace it, as it is now Basch proprietary.

Sounds like lots of people figured out there was an issue with the coolant tank. Unless the problems are with the neck/opening (I think I read somewhere a while back that it was an issue with the welded seams) I would find someone who can find the leak and weld it shut.

Woody agrees...

WOODY said:
There is a know history of faulty coolant reservoir issues with this system, yours can be removed in 15 minutes and pressure checked at any aluminum welding shop who can also repair the unit if there is a pin hole or leaking weld.

Unless you have had this checked and are 100% sure the leak isn't in the coolant tank I would consider that suspect #1 and get it fixed. (BTW, Fix doesn't mean replace.)
Going back to stock is straight forward. It helps if you have the old parts that we removed when the BBSC was firts installed. Some parts would have been modified when the kit was installed such as the oil pan, fuse box holder, etc. If you sell the BBSC then you can swap out these parts with the buyer.
Wow! This is a blast from the past!

I wound up putting my X all back to stock after NSXPO at sears point a few years ago.

sold the BBSC to a kid who insisted on installing it on his car himself despite my pleas to have a qualified installer do it.

Long story short, did not get a Ford GT :rolleyes: ......driving a Lotus Elise now.

Funny thing is I am seeing this whole process all over again. SC's and Turbo kits for the Elise are just now in their infancy. I think I'll let someone else do the beta testing this time around!

Greets to Kendall and the the old gang!

Marc W
Man, all of the old farts coming out of the woodwork....

Hope all is well with you Marc! Too bad Honda fell asleep and didn't make any improvements to the NSX. Properly updated using the same innovative Honda minds, the NSX Gen 2 could have been a real contender for those that have gone on to Gallardo's, GT's, Elise's, etc.
I'm not sure why everyone is telling him to get a new motor and go back to stock.

Netviper's suggestion sounds like the best solution.
Do a compression and a leak down test.
Purchase the AEM and have a qualifier person create you a map. I have yet to hear any complaints about the AEM.

Or take kpond up on his offer. I would have it checked by a professional afterwards, not doubting kponds skills but as mentioned one map does not fit all.

Best of luck and please do keep us informed.