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Long Trip for my First NSX, Need Advice!!


Thanks to everyone and their advice.

We picked up the 91 nsx from arizona to las vegas, and spent few nights in vegas before we decided to leave.

We left las vegas around noon, went through Utah, and the interstate was empty and open. So my wife decided to test the car, and managed to get the nsx up to 120 mph. Averaging around 100mph for the few hours she drove.
I took over and averaged around 90 mph throughout most of the trip.

Even at these high speeds, its amazing how the nsx hugs the roads, and how stable and suttle it is at those speeds.

Going through these open empty highways in a 2 seater like an nsx, makes you bond with the car, and even bond with the person sitting next to you. As if its us, the nsx, and the highway all as one.

Going through colorado was fun, lots of twisties up and down mountains. Once again the nsx didnt disappoint. Hugging the road tight. Even though i was exhausted, i managed to follow a truck flying 90mph, in the middle of the night, until i reached my next gas station for fill up. While filling up, a young girl in a nissan sentra, pulled over and asked my wife " what kind of car is that!" (reminded of what i read here on these forums from people say). I stocked up on Red Bull ( my #1 savior on this trip). Before we passed colorado, a chevy cavalier, pulled up next to me on the interstate, and even though i was going about 90 mph, he decided he wants to go a 100 mph and did so ahead of me ( once again, exactly what i read on the forums, people wanting to race you).

We entered nebraska, and the sun came up and by now i was driving 18hrs straight. As i passed lincoln, a toyota camry came along, and the teenager in the car gave me thumps up, and signaled for me to go ahead and lead the way. Lacking sleep and high on red bull, i obliged. I stepped on it, and zoomed in and out of lanes (carefully of course), while he followed. We did that for almost 100 miles, until omaha. There for some odd reason, an older man with a lexus rx300 kept on my tail, speeding up with me for another 50 miles or so.

We entered Iowa, and while we were driving we passed a group of beautiful classic hot rods, and to my suprise couple of the owners, reached out and gave me thumbs up.

Finally, we got to wisconsin, and by now i had been driving about 24 hours straight, and once again, thank god to red bull lol. We got home safely.

The only mishab on this whole trip happened in my driveway. I was so exhausted by the time i got home, i took my bags and my laptop out of the trunk and set them on the floor. Then i started chating with my neighbor, and he wanted me to take him for a spin. Being exhausted, i hoped in the car and started backing up slowly until i felt my rear wheel going over something. I stopped and came out to seem my laptop bag under the wheel...yup..ran over the laptop..crushing it and the screen. Oh well, by then i was so exhausted, it didnt bother me much. Gave me an excuse to open my new pc.

All in all, a great trip. Like i said, it actually brought me and wife closer. Even though my wife wasnt all into the fact of my buying another toy like an nsx, she was pleasantly surprised on how the car handles, and now wants to drive and show off in it :)

The two things that were essential to me on this long trip were my passport x50 radar (saved me couple of times) and of course red bull !

Once again thanks to everyone's advice, the nsx sure made the trip more joyful !!! :)

i will try to attach a pic of the nsx with my bike. With more pics to come later.


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Wow this is freaky. I also have a red Ducati 900 and next friday will be flying to Texas to pick up my red NSX and driving back to Sarasota, Florida. I bought a bra and radar detector for the trip and look forward to making it a safe one. I fly out this Friday and the trip will be 1000 miles. Wish me luck!


Good luck on the trip. Good call on the radar and the bra. The radar a must, keeps you relaxed and focused on enjoying the car, rather than worrying on each corner.

Also good call on the bra, i should have had one. Oh well, i figured when i get home i will get rock chips anyway from driving it around. What year and color is your nsx?

Brain, i could swear the Ducati 900 supersport is the nsx twin, but in a motorcycle version. They match one another perfect. They look like they were made for each other. Specially when you have them in the same color. My Ducati Is red with black top (seat), and my nsx is red with black top. Almost the same finess in sharpness and edge. Both are known to hug the road and corners great. Even the engine sound is almost the same. You know how unique the Ducati sounds at idle (italian pleasant rev), the nsx is almost the same. You know the Ducati supersport was voted one of the sexiest motorcycle ever made. And now you will one of the sexiest cars (NSX) on the planet.

Good luck and keep us updated :)