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Almost New Owner...low mileage car, long drive home. Need advice

Awesome! I totally agree with everything you just said, I feel the same way, long time dream, now I have two of them lol, just an amazingly fun car to drive.
Congrats on the new ride!

Here is a list of the things that my 23k mile has had done outside of routine stuff:

1. Climate control BrianK fixed it
2. Blinker module, replaced and sent the old one to Brian, and he said he fixed it, never tested it.
3. Spark plugs. Started skipping one day. I guess they eventually just die from age :)
4. Alternator diodes
5. EPS ecu, and had the rack done by NSX rack repair
6. Fuel pump and fuel level sender from sitting too long with bad fuel.
7. trunk stuts 2x sent off to strutwise.

Not bad for a 26 year old car. If you are like me and dont drive it often, keep a close eye on the battery and replace it sooner than later, even if you keep it on a tender. I think my tender kept the battery charged enough for me to take short trips, but it was overworking the alternator. I think that is why my alternator went out. Ordered the stuff to rebuild it, pretty easy. Enjoy!