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LONGSHOT - Looking for previous owners of Vin #JH4NA1156MT000770

3 October 2019
Forgive me for any format issues, this is my first post ever on this site!

So I am picking up this NSX later in November when I am finished with my Army schooling crap. Vin # JH4NA1156MT000770 - 1991 NSX

Seller seems to be a great guy. Very hesitant to sell at first when he realized where the value was sitting on older NSX's, but he agreed to sell me this one for $36k, around 80k miles. Manual, ivory interior. He has had it for only a few months and wants a cheaper car and to clear his garage since he doesn't drive it so much. I have seen it and driven it in person. Seems like a great deal. Drives fine, has some minor issues, but its in great shape and very well maintained.

According to the Carfax, it is clean and I would be the 12th owner I believe. I found an old posting of this car from 07' when it was sold by the 2nd owner http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showth...NA1156MT000770. It had 50k miles then. I am curious how I would be the 10th owner from between 2007 and now. Seems like other owners have gotten rid of it rather fast over the years. Curious if it has some sort of bad history.

The question is, are any of the previous owners still floating around this community? I would love to speak to you.


2002 Rear Bumper Conversion
Painted Roof
Volk CE28 Bronze Rims (17's, 18's)
Tein RA Suspension
Taitec Headers
Taitec Cat Delete
Taitec GT Lightweight
Type R Short Gears
Type R Suspension Brace
Lifter Struts rebuilt (Around 50k miles?
Engine Tune (No additional Info)
Axle Seals replaced (Around 50k miles?)
Dunlop Direzza 2s Sticky Tires

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This is the individual I was referencing in the original post. I've tried to reach out, seems to be a dead end. Also made a correction to the posting, I would be the 10th owner, not the 12th.
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[MENTION=3768]Kyle[/MENTION] hey this was my car for 12 years. The car was great. I got an 2019 NSX. It does not have short gears or engine tune mods. It totally has cats as well.