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So happy! Just bought my dream car - 1995 JDM NSX-R (or Type R) 25k miles

That car is totally drool-worthy, and I agree about the white vs. green. Sounds like you've earned it--congrats!
Thanks man... yeah a few people I know who were in the market for an NSX-R - none of them really wanted a green NSX-R. It's odd, because some people were saying it's so unique, but for JDM fans, white is the color.
would you like your drink in the can?

I'll take it right here...
neo - bring it

Share here -

Tell us first about the exterior and interior. How the NSX, specifically this one, hits you.
As a heads up - you can check my instagram @richiscarcrazy for updates on the NSX-R. I’ll try to be more detailed here.

I’ll expound more on my search first.

I knew about a year ago I wanted an NSX-R. 1st gen over 2nd gen for multiple reasons:

1. 25 years for 2nd gen doesn’t occur until 2030
2. I’m a pop up headlights type of guy
3. 2nd gen is gonna be $$$ given it’s rarity

So after deciding that, I decided I wanted a certain spec. 1995 was it for me - the wheels being the 16/17 vs the 1992-94 was a big factor - it just looks better and helps with that massive 4x4 wheel gap. I also knew that I be okay with any color as long as it was white with red seats.

Once that was decided, I started to talk to multiple brokers I met. They started sending me messages. Most cars were not the right spec… but also many were either way too high on miles or price was astronomical. There were other cars they found - but the Japanese seller refused to sell to the US.

I was going to budget about 25-40k on importing, fees, etc. But I would have much rather bought one in the US so I could see it before pulling the trigger. Well.. given Ryu and I surmised only 6-7 existed in the US, this was going to be tough.

As I hope this thread serves as somewhat a reference for NSX-Rs NA1s, I figure I should disclose the price ranges. Before the infamous BAT auction, I was getting quotes of 500-600k USD for white cars with less than 50,000 km and with clean CARVXs (JDM equivalent of Carfax - but better). That was out of my budget. The other colors typically commanded 50-100k less despite being “rare.” Route KS mentioned to me that everyone thinks of Senna and the White with red seat NSX-R so… any other color isn’t necessarily sought after.

After the BAT auction on teh green NSX - which got basically 310-320k (5% fee plus shipping etc), things changed a little. Discussion amongst the brokers was the BAT auction was hard to gauge because there is no documented exchange of an NSX-R in the US before. Private exchanges yes. Also - while the demand is super high in Asia, the american market and car enthusiast was not exposed to this car - so the demand wasn’t obvious.

I got offers on this car:



They were asking 450k USD with about 20-30k for shipping/broker’s fees etc. But black seats. About 28-30k kms. Also clean history, but it would require another 5k for me to pay for an in person inspection from someone associated with the broker. I was close to negotiating with them, but I felt that 470-480k was a bit much for a car I couldn’t drive, see etc.

Top Rank also happened to bring up to me that they had an NSX-R they were bringing over. It was higher mileage and as these pictures show - not conventional white. It had a painted white roof and white sides. Red seats was a positive. Aftermarket wheels. The black trim was painted white. Etc. Top Rank was cagey when I started asking questions about the car. They‘ve posted more pics on their IG and you can tell right away, there were some mods etc. That in itself isn’t an issue - it was just they refused to answer some of my questions. Which I find odd. Truthfully - they were kinda shitty in the way they treated someone who was thinking on dropping 400s on a car.


The first car sold quickly to someone in Japan. This Top rank car didn’t sell yet. it sounds like its still available.

Anyways… I knew a friend and I knew he had gotten JDM cars so I called him to get his contact… Lo and behold he had an NSX-R he wanted to sell. I ran to his garage (I ended up recording a video on the car) and saw the car in all its glory. It was in amazing condition. Some typical wear and tear. But white, with red seats, 1995 no radio, but AC (my perfect spec). I even got to drive it to know that there were no issues at all. I drove like a dream.

So after a few months, I ended up closing the deal. I won’t disclose the specific price. I’ll just say it was in the 400s.

Sorry for the long read… but I’ll keep this thread updated.
You should chat with nsxray I think he also recently got a BAT Type R...

there was also a Canadian fellow that brought a white one to nsxpo in DC...
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Thanks so much for the detailed walk through of your buying process. I've bought some imported cars before but the process was much easier as I wasn't spending so much money and knew condition was going to be in the average range. Knowing your documenting this all on IG almost makes me want to join again just to follow. :p
JDM is hot and should continue to be so as 40-50 yo's come into $
Was your care featured in the ISSIMI video. Note that this car has a radio in some shots (night) and a radio delete in others (day).

I think that car was a Socal one or two. I know of 6 or 7 NSX-Rs in the states so far. i

You should chat with nsxray I think he also recently got a BAT Type R...

there was also a Canadian fellow that brought a white one to nsxpo in DC...
Yeah I believe he was gonna bring the green NSX-R our to NSXPO - he has a Zanardi as well. BAT has ever only sold one NSX-R and judging by the comments - some people knew what it was and some others didn’t. I personally think it‘s a beautiful car and certainly the green is unique.
I think PD also has one in his collection hall...I'm sure you all connect via social media
Also.. my Honda CV (I am a Honda fan at heart) :

1988 Prelude Si - My Brother in law’s. Learned to drive a manual on it.

1990 Civic DX - My first ever car. 100k miles and I loved it. Mods? 13 dollar wheel covers to hide the steelies.

1992 Accord LX - My dad gifted me this car on the way to med school. Mods? OZ Superleggeras.

2000 Honda Civic Si - My first new car. Loved it. Drove it on my move from Minnesota to Cali. It was.. heavily modified. I had nitrous. I had Comptech lowering springs and Icebox. i had toda/exedy clutch.

2003 Acura CL Type S Manual - didn’t really like it. Seemed like an overly fancy Accord. Manual was great tho. Torque steer for days.

1991 Acura NSX (80k miles) - Some of you saw this one. It was heavily modified and showed up in SEMA in 2014 based on my design for a wide body. It’s the basis for my forever hibernating company Resuka Design - although there’s some renewed interest after discussions with Rich Tuthill and Damon Jones to build a few

1991 Acura NSX (15k miles) - Great car. Tracked it. Had to buy another car so sold it in 2016.

Which brings me to the NSX-R.
Wow, you have had a long and storied past with Hondas, where we evolved from our first "fun" car being a Porsche then found our pathway to NSX's through the gateway drug S2000.
One of my favorite past times of buying any car… reading the Owner’s manual. Usually get it done in one night.

This will take more time as it’s in Japanese and I will need to use Google Translate. Also…. the illustrations in then manual are amazing. I added an image from the 1995 Acura Owner’s manual for comparison:



Absolutely unreal! Enjoy it. Doesn't get any hotter than that.