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Look whats for sale on ebay Nsx shell jh4na1153mt000175

Hmmmmm.......May be Ravi from Umbrella Auto.....that is where he is located
thats why you dont buy a wreck to fix up and have never even changed a tire before LOL

looks like they sold every single bolt from the car for scap metal

thats a perfect car to buy if you ever want to convert from a T-top to a targa.
everything you need top end wise cut and weld bammmm you have a coupe.
I just noticed the front rail are cut. look real close at the front.

wonder what the reserve is I will e-mail him maybe worth a shot
just e-mailed him this is what i asked

hey was wondering what your reserve is for this chassis?
I have 4 NSX's and would love another build. and did you cut the front rail off? let me know
but to tell you the truth its worth more as scrap aluminum.
maybe worth about 2500. every single bolt is gone to bring this car back to life would take 50K and a true car guy like me.

lets see what he says

ill buy it for 2500 or less
Pardon my ignorance Shawn (there is a reason why I only drive the car and Larry does all the work on it) but what can you do with something like this?
RSO 34 your far from ignorant LOL I respect you very much

it would take me years to buy every part and put it back together but I swear to you its fun for me.

I love building NSX's with a freaking passion when I love something i surround myself with it
Thanks for the "vote of confidence" but as LarryB will attest I promised him I would never attempt to work on my nsx and he promised never to try to represent himself on his multiple speeding tickets.

But, seriously, this "thing" for sale in this auction can actually be used for something? Would you build upon it or further cannibalize it for bits and pieces?
not sure maybe hold onto it for a T-to Coupe cut.

this car would make it so easy.

cut top off of T then cut top of this coupe weld together and you got a coupe I just hate to see an NSx in this bad of shape I want to adopt it.
and give it a better home. LOL
Wonder if that's the same red 91 that was on Craigslist here in Seattle for $5k with a front hit couple months back... Either way I was late to the party on that one.