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Looking for 91-94 NSX

16 June 2004
Portsmouth, NH
Hello my NSXprime brotheren,
I've been on the site a while, just learningup and studying about these amazing machines. And it's about time that I enjoy waking up and having one in my garage. I'm looking for an earlier NSX. My price range is from 25-28K right now, mileage is not a big issue, as long as good maintaince can be proved. I prefer a blac, but color really wont matter if I find the right one. Gorgeous is gorgeous, and the NSX is the definition of that. So please let me know what you all have. If you've been considering selling, you may have yourself a buyer :smile: Thanks all, this site has helped me in more ways than I can type.
cocoslk said:
I have a 1992 NSX for sale with 7000 miles

Carlos Cockburn

7000 miles for 25-28k.
I'll take it !
I have a '93 Blk/Blk with some mods (headers, exhaust, stereo, wheels, intake, etc.) with 62K+ miles and is very, very clean. It's advertised on this site. $35K negot.
I've got a 91 red/black with 75k in that price range. email is [email protected], phone is (806)786-4591. Feel free to contact me at anytime.