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[SOLD] Sjoeberg AP2 S2000 Cluster Conversion Plug and Play Kit for 91-94 NSX models

2 May 2008
Arkansas, USA/Wiesbaden, DE
[Sold, Transaction closed 29 Nov 2023, at asking price on original post below]

Sjoeberg AP2 S2000 Cluster Conversion Plug and Play Kit for 91-94 NSX models:

1750 USD Shipped including paypal fees/shipping/insurance. This price is the shipped price for any of the 50 states or Europe.

Fair market value brand new from Johan's site as spec'd is 2847 USD (plus shipping) and you would still need to cannibalize your OEM NSX cluster for parts and cut and modify for install. I am providing everything you need in the following details to swap out your OEM cluster to set it aside completely unmolested, without any further modification required on your end to complete the install of the kit.

Used for approximately 4000 miles. (cluster started brand new at zero, but I didn't get a picture of the latest reading prior to uninstall).

Options priced as currently reflected on Johan's site:

S2000 AP2 cluster conversion kit with carbon fiber trim plate: $1299 (The A-Unit and B-Units are brand new as of November 2023)
Qube Engineering LED Upgrade kit, white/red (pre-installed): $399 option
S2000 AP2 fitting cutting service: $299 (odometer match is advertised as included on Johan's site options but you will need to do this locally or ship to Johan to match your mileage if desired).
S2000 AP2 Cluster: $950 option (available on ebay for 699-900 used these days)

Other normally included items on Johan's kit:
-3D printed adapter hardware
-Cluster Calibration tool and harness

Extras additionally spec'd to truly make this a plug and play install for you:
-Pre-cut/pre-modified OEM NSX Instrument Cluster shade and associated hardware: Included for you in my kit so you don't have to cannibalize your current NSX instrument cluster or source a spare NSX cluster surround to then cut/modify yourself to accommodate the S2000 cluster geometry.
-Plug and play "pass through" wiring harness that plugs into your upper center console clock
-A-Unit and B-Unit internal circuit boards have been replaced and updated to the latest version circuitry by Johan himself as of November 2023. Electronics swapped into the A-Unit and B-Unit casing

Miscellaneous extras:
Spare S2000 cluster lens

Any of the instructions that show any cutting or modifying you will not need to do, because I have already had this accomplished for you, and am providing to you pre-modified, ready for install.

For reference, Johan's Installation instructions here:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

This has been an incredible kit, and Johan's customer support is absolutely unparalleled. But I have to unfortunately part ways with it, because I had to switch to an AEM CAN-NET race dash due to my build.

Please DM me if interested.

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Interested with the cluster.
Is there a way to re-flash the S2000 to reflect other mileage (my actual mileage)?
Interested with the cluster.
Is there a way to re-flash the S2000 to reflect other mileage (my actual mileage)?
Hello there, the best way I know of is to send the item to Johan (Sjoeberg) to accomplish, then back to you. Anecdotally, I've heard of local shops being able to reprogram for you from S2000 forums, but I don't know their legal processes/procedures which may be dependent on state/country to do so. I can work with you on details of this if you make the purchase, I may be able to ship to him directly included in the shipped price, then you might need to pay shipping from him to you. It might save you the international shipping cost if so. Or if you are able to source this service locally, shipping would just be directly to you included in the price (assuming you are in the US or in Europe). Please DM me for details if interested to work through some details :)