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Looking for a Zanardi NSX?

4 February 2000
Chicago IL
If anyone is sorry for not buying a Zanardi NSX when they went on sale in 1999, there's one for sale on eBay with 280 miles on it. I don't know anything about it or the seller. More info by clicking here.
In the Seattle area, there was a supercharged Zanardi NSX for sale until recently. It started around $100K, then dropped steadily down to around $60K as no buyers materialized. At that price, I was tempted to sell random organs (I've got two kidneys and lungs - Do I really need both of each?) to buy the car. However, I heard that a couple of weeks ago, a gentleman from out of town found it over the net and bought it for something around $78K.

Made me feel sorry that the guy didn't (seem to) do his homework. Could have saved a lot of money that way and still ended up with a great car.
I wouldn't think so, based upon the asking price in the earlier post, though numbers 2 and 50 should be historically interesting (if not valuable) for being the first and the last NSX-Zs that were publicly available.

actually, I am interested in that Zanardi and I actually placed a bid on it tonight

I may just be able to afford it if I cut down on eating for a couple of weeks a month

could any of you guys in Houston please take a closer look at it and just post if this thing is something worth begging and stealing the money to pay the "buy it now" price?
Thanks Ken for emailing me about this post.

I live in the Houston area and only know of one Z-NSX. It is owned by the same buy that I bought my red NSX from. Great guy.

Anyway, maybe he sold his Z-NSX? If someone needs for me to go look at the car, just send me an email at [email protected]