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Looking for Info on DRLs for my NSX

26 June 2009
Calgary- Canada
I’m a 1991 NSX owner interested in DRLs, and want to make an informed choice. I am looking for DRLs that meet these minimum criteria:</SPAN>

  • Switch on with the ignition</SPAN>
  • Dim when the headlights are on</SPAN>
  • Light output that color-matches the excellent HID kit sold by WhiteNSX</SPAN>

I am open to all solutions: LEDs, light bars, integrated into turn signal, bolt-on, etc, so let me know what you have. Massive vendors, and small-run part-time guys.
Bonus points given for fitment, durability, looks, ease of install, reversibility ("un-installation"), and value for money. If you can point to current prime members that have your equipment that is great too.</SPAN>

Vendors-</SPAN> Please send me information & photos/links to your product, complete with approximate pricing via PM
NSX Owners</SPAN>- PM </SPAN>me your recommendations, experiences, warnings, etc. Thanks for sharing!</SPAN>

NOTE: I am interested ONLY in quality items befitting of the legendary NSX- no $5 eBay-type junk please. </SPAN>

Thanks all
There is a happy medium. Canadian DRL's. Used they should be anywhere between $100 and $200. You can replace the bulb with an LED one but NOT HID's because the enclosure is all plastic.
I picked up some LED daytime running lights from ijdmtoy. They refer to them as their Audi A6 style lights. After cutting off the clear plastic ears on either end of the light they fit nicely in the opening where the Canadian DRLs would fit. The biggest hassle was fabricating a bracket from some 1/2" or 3/4" aluminum angle to mount the lights in the opening and slipping some jam nuts over the edge of the bumper cover to screw the bracket into (the lights came without any brackets or mounting equipment). They are light enough (no pun intended) that you might be able to get away with using some double sided trim tape to mount them; but, thats a little dodgy. They were about $50 for the pair, they are extremely bright and I have been using them for three years without any problems.

A potential consideration is that if they aren't set up to shut off when you turn your regular headlights on, the color temperature looks a bit odd compared to the headlights if you are running conventional quartz halogen bulbs in your car - if you are sensitive about that sort of thing.