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Looking for quality Mechanic in Seattle.

2 March 2005
Hi all. I am hoping to join the NSX contingeny soon and was looking for any recomendations for shops and or mechanics that you would trust with your car that are in the Seattle area? Thanks.
The NSX tech up at Acura of Lynnwood (Jon - I believe) is generally respected as one of the best dealership NSX techs in the area. I've spoken with him on a number of occassions when I had my car servived there - he's very knowledgeable about the NSX and has worked on them for many years.
Hi Bill,

You might want to come to one of the monthly luncheon meetings (held on the first saturday of each month at Claimjumper's in Redmond) and introduce yourself. The group could give their thoughts on who they trust and their opinions.
Good people+good food=a great time :biggrin:

Best wishes,
Gene Greer
Hey Guys,
I'm interested in attending one of the monthly meetings on the first Saturday of each month but I don't know what time you guys usually get together. I'm a noobee in the NSX world. My car shows up tomorrow (I haven't slept in 3 days knowing it's on it's way) and I'm dying to get out on the road, but first I want to have a master NSX mechanic give it a thorough inspection and perform any needed maintenance. Besides the names in the above postings are there any other highly recommended mechs?

I'm glad to have found this site. I found a Pacific NW nsx club website but all the posting were from 97'. It's good to see some owners in the area get together.

But Gene, you missed the last meeting we had though, LOL...

Oh, for those who found they've been "left out" from the nsxca nw chapter... Dean had a plan on putting our Own web site for more meets (in different locations), Tech-days, drives, autoX or even track days. Eventually, if we have enough people commiting our activities, we will ask if the nsxca and nsxprime re-configure the regions, (Breaking the NW chapter into N.Cali and Pacific NW??)

It does bother me that I'm still not in the email list of the existing group... BTW, I "met" 2 nsx on the road last weekend, and I never see them on Prime nor at the meet. I always disapointed at our lack of activities as a group in WA, but think about if we could link everyone together, NSXPOxx could be held at Seattle/Portland one day...
Hi Steve,
The group begins to gather at 11:30 and we usually enter the restaurant at noon.... All involved enjoy looking at the cars and talking to the other owners regarding their what has happened in thier lives for the past 30 days. I personaly have made some very good friends at the luncheon.
Congratulation on your new purchase and I hope you will have as much fun with your car as I have with mine in the last 4 years :smile:

Hi Ferrand,
Yea, I am sorry to say I have missed the last couple of luncheons as other commitments have come up. I do hope to make it to the next one though so I can catch up with anything I have missed.....
Sorry I missed the last meet.. :( I know I said I would be there.. I ended up going to whistler with my g/f and she wouldnt let me make a detour to Claim Jumpers. But! I look forward to being at the next meet.

Gene! :) I would love to see those pics from last October? I think it was.


92 Sebring
I'm looking for a 1991 NSX engine overhaul, clutch, & other things. it runs but white smoke smelling like coolant comes out the back. everyone keeps saying acura lynwood with John Lai. i live in federal way, so rather not go so far. but i realize this isn't a prius. assume i should steer clear of anyone without prior history working on these cars.
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Acura of Lynwood or Zanntech in Redmond . Since it is a big job, it won't be done in a day. you will have to leave your car there for at least a week or even more, so IMO, distance should not be a great concern as long as you know your car is in good hands? Not gonna be cheap though.