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Loud Ferrari

27 March 2000
Palos Verdes, CA
Yesterday, I was driving my '00 NSX-T with the top off. I was returning from Camarillo on the 101 when I approached a Ferrari 360 Modena. I was SHOCKED by how LOUD the thing was.

I had been listening to CDs in my NSX, so I had the volume cranked up over the sound of my own engine (and actually was audible even with all the noise from wind rushing by). But the 360 completely drowned out my music selections. I could still hear it when it was a few cars behind me.

Has anyone compared how loud the NSX engine is with other muscle cars and exotics?

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."
Funny -- My wife rode in my '94 yesterday for the first time (got it two weeks ago) and her first comment was "Sure is loud..." :)

I too have passed a new Modena but I was too struck by his presence to do any critical listening. BTW, we gave each other mutual nods of approval, and were on our respective ways.
The NSX has the quietest exhaust of any sports car I've owned. However, the engine is probably the loudest given that it's right behind your ears. Basically, the NSX seems loud to it's occupants, but not from outside.

I may change the muffler to get something more aggressive from it. But no rush.

The 360 sounds awsome though, doesn't it?

94 Red & Tan NSX. One of 35 made that year.
Ahhh...Yes, the exhaust note from a Ferrari is something different isn't it? Sure it's loud but it sounds awesome.
I did not get a chance to hear or see 360 but
drove 355 and it sounds just too good to leave it in the garage.

Now if I can just take the exhaust out of the 355 and put it on my......................