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Lovefab Rebuild Completed

14 August 2002
eagan, mn
Three years ago I bought a used Lovefab stage II kit from Science of Speed. I called Cody to inquire about the installation of the kit. Upfront Cody expressed concern about installing the kit on my car that had run nitrous for approx 2 years. Although the plan was to keep it at a safe 6-7 pounds of boost and below 400 hp there would be no garuantee for the length of reliability and at some point a rebuild might be in order. I agreed and within about a weeks time Cody drove to the Twin Cities to pick up my car. The install went great, the car dynoed at 394 RWHP and the car was ready for pickup on the agreed upon time. The car ran unbelievable and I was in love all over again! Fast forward 3 years and 20,000 miles, the car is starting to belch smoke. I called Cody in January of this year and he mentioned he had a fairly heavy work load but by possibly by spring he could start the rebuild. I shipped my car to Cody the end of March with the understanding that it would take 6-8 weeks for the rebuild. As May approached I eagerly counted the days to pick up my baby for the upcoming summer driving season. A week before my arranged pick up Cody called to tell me there were in shop delays and it would be another month or so. As it turned out my boss sent me to Singapore for the months of June, July and August so I wasn't preoccupied with the delivery. During that time overseas, while monitoring Prime I learned of Lovefab's entry in the Pikes Peak race. The reason for the delay became clear. Upon my return to the states I called Cody and inquired about the status of my car. He said he was wrenching day and night trying to recover from the time lost preparing for the race and had other customers desperate for delivery as well. He couldn't give me an exact completion date. I told him I already made flight reservations to Traverse City on Wednesday, September 12 (2weeks away) and sent him a copy of my itinerary. My plan was after pick-up to drive from MI right to Denver for the final days of NSXPO if possible. I also made hotel reservations at the Holiday Inn on the bay, down the street from his shop. I was prepared to camp out at Lovefab, Inc until my baby was completed.
As planned my flight arrived in TVC Wednesday afternoon. The hotel picked me up and after check- in I walked over to the shop. As I approached I could hear my car on the dyno from almost two blocks away. Damn it sounded sweet! Net result, 534RWHP!!! Problem was my muffler was filled with oil so smoke was everywhere. The plan was to change the muffler, get an alignment and full detail the following day. Everything was finished late Thursday so I departed Friday morning. Arrived in Denver on Sunday the last event day. The car is an absolute beast!!!
During the 2 days hanging around the shop I had a chance to talk with Cody about his current situation and reputation within the NSX community. He acknowledged the fact that the race consumed much more of his time and resources than he had anticipated. The PP race may have given him some broader exposure but compromised his standing with current customers and Prime. As a long time business owner I told him that the key component for good custumer relations is communication no matter how good or bad the news might be.
I also realized during that visit that I like Cody a lot. He's a young man and great mechanic that really wants to do the right thing but who's business acumen is still very much in development.
I really do wish him the best of luck!