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Powertrain M/T Camshafts For Sale

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30 October 2016
Austin, TX
***Sold for $1050***

I have a set of cams from a manual transmission NSX for sale, these will fit years 1991-2005 and would be a nice upgrade for anyone who's done an auto to manual swap and still has the stock auto 250hp cams. If whoever buys these wants help getting their 91-94 ECU set up to run these cams I'd be more than happy to help, I've found that even the M/T ECU maps can gain a lot by adding some fuel at WOT to bring the AFRs down a bit.

The cams come from the factory with a black nitride finish which typically wears away to silver on the lobes and journals during normal use. These cams came from a 60k mile JDM C30A, are in excellent condition with zero scoring of any kind, and still retain much of the original black coating even on the lobes. I'm happy to provide more photos.

Buying a set of M/T cams new from Acura will run about $2600, from Amayama $2200+overseas shipping.

My price is $1500

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