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Making shiny leather dull again

12 July 2002
Victoria, BC, CANADA
Hi Guys!! :)

My '91 just had it's 140,000 km service. New rear brake pads were installed along with a new air filter. The car drives like a dream!! While it was 'in' - I decided to have it 'detailed'. Never done that before - but there was a 'special' - so I went for it. Car looks great. They cut polished and waxed it. [and did a very nice job] They also did the interior. Trouble is - practically EVERY surface on the INSIDE is as shiny as the OUTSIDE. I don't like that at all. I think it looks horrible. But... at least I know they didn't miss a spot!! lol :biggrin: So... I was planning on going over everything with a damp cloth. And then buffing it dry. [in the hopes of toning down some of the 'shine'] But before I did that - I wanted to find out IF that was a smart thing to do. Is it?! I don't know what they used on the leather - but IF knowing that would effect your answer - I can find out. Thanks.

Craig!! :)
Maybe a minor thing, but I'd personally be a little concerned with what they put on your leather. Some places just throw basic armorall on everything which I don't think is particularly healthy for leather since the stuff is more intended for plastics. I could be wrong though... The place you went to, if they commonly work on exotics, I doubt they'd make such a mistake.

You do want to find out what they used on your leather and if they did use some type of vinyl protectant, it will clog the pores on the leather which will long term, dry and crack.

See number 5 on this link:

On the plastic surfaces, try using a clean cotton or MF towel and buff the surfaces to a mat finish. Buffing should remove the shininess. If that doesn't work, you can use a dampened towel to remove some of the dressing and then buff with a dry towel again.