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Maximum functional HP... where is it?

Another thing to consider when you are turbocharged with a AEM you can utilize boost control through gear position, speed and RPM. With that being said you could run even more power but restrict your boost with these controls up until a point where your car will put the max HP to the ground.
The TQ# is the number to be more concerned with. My last setup at 595hp and 525tq was insane. Torque is what breaks the tires loose, while HP is more reflected in your top speed. I have the RPS 6 puck clutch and hate it, but at the time , was my best solution. Having said this, I would say that Tq levels between 450-500 are about as high as I would consider streetable. I have Falken Azenis RT 615 tires 275 35 18 on rear, and at that power level could easily break tires loose at speeds in excess of 100mph
This is the correct answer, if you mean streetable in ALL GEARS. Any more power and you will have to feather the throttle in 1st gear. Before I got my Star Specs, I thought that 420rwhp was too much because I do like to hammer my throttle in 1st gear. The tires would spin and the car would wriggle and I would have to modulate 1st gear some. With the Star Specs, none of that. I feel I could have another 30 to 40rwhp and still treat the throttle like an on/off switch.

I tend to be correct. :biggrin: