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May 1st Kansas City Drive

8 January 2003
Independence, MO, USA
OK, How does this date work out for everybody? Meet at the usual place Panera Bread, N.E. corner of 291 and 40 hwys. in Independence, Mo at about 9 AM. Gary :biggrin:
Might work for me!

Drove the NSX to the lake this weekend and man Hwy 50 can be fun :) Weather was nice and it felt gooooooooood to hit the road!
Gary, Still looking to get out for a drive, but I'm traveling the next few weeks. I won't have a chance until mid-May :mad: . I'll catch you guys soon.

I'm out for this one. DE for 3 days the weekend before and my son's soccer tourny the 30th -1st. Won't sit well with the wife, she wouldn't say anything but I think it best since I'm heading back to the track for the first time in 10 years.

FYI-My old NSX is up 4 sale by the couple that bought it last year. Same car, new rubber and 3500 more miles. I think they would like to get in the upper $30's
OK, its not looking too good unless we get some more response. Anyone? Gary :confused:
I'm not sure I can make it and now I see there's a car show in Louisburg that same day.

Are any of you going to try for that instead?

Ugh... bad time for my company to get busy :mad:
Hey guys,

I just noticed a post a couple of days ago from Jerry Dobson about a car show this Sunday in Louisburg, KS. He along with the Viper and Ferrari folks are meeting at American Bandstand and gave the NSXers an open invite. This could be just like our Halloween run last year. The plan is to meet on 5/01 at 10am and I guess driving to the show from there. Instead of meeting at Panera at 9am, would anyone like to attend this? Thanks.

'91 Red/Ivory
Looks like this drives a bust. I'm planning on heading to Louisberg to the car show. If anyone wants to meet up at American Bandstand with the Viper guys we can cruise together to the show. Gary