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May '21 Closeout of RE-71r (Bridgestone) @ Tire Rack-Sale

3 August 2019
Columbia, MD
Hey all,
Bridgestone has closed out the RE-71r, a nice choice for my S2000's if you care more about ride and stickiness and less about wear!

I was on Tire Rack last night when I found out they were blowing them out and put four pairs of different sizes in my cart for my NSX and my street S2000 (or I can always use them on my track S2000). The prices were pretty darn good. I went to bed and then checked on my cart this morning and afternoon, was deciding whether to ship or to drive my diesel SUV up to Delaware to save $150. Late this afternoon my cart was empty and then I couldn't even search to find them on the site in any size. They have disabled the links to the tires and you just go back to the brands page.

So I pulled up the chat window (you could also call) and told him my cart had emptied and now I couldn't find them. He said they had pulled them down due to running out of sizes and reaching the end. I guess with their volume, they just delete them from search at a certain point and know they will "organically" sell out soon for people like me who ask. He said what do you need.
I gave him my sizes:
Two of each: 225/45/17, 255/40/17 for the S2000 and 245/40/17 and 275/35/18 for my widebody NSX.

He left for two minutes and came back and said they still had six of them and the other two were due in late this week. He secured them all and took my credit card and I'm picking them up next week.

So, if you want them, RIGHT NOW is the time, call or chat and see if you can get them before they are gone. BTW, on some forums they say there is a new model coming but rumors are it may not be as good but who knows? I know this isn't as important a "pick" tire for the regular NSX due to size but I know a lot of NSX owners have S2000's or other fun cars, good tire for good price. Good luck.