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Maybach's newest release!!!

8 May 2002
In a Iglo
Buildt for the german tire manufacturer Fulda.

V-12 Biturbo, 5908 cm³, based on M-285 engine
VMAX: 351 KM/H
Power: 515 kW/700 PS at 5000/rpm
Max. Torque: 1020 Nm at 2500/rpm
Length: 5890 mm
Width: 2140 mm
Height: 1390 mm
Fuel tank: 110 l
Weigth: 2660 kg

They've made high speed tests in Nardo (italy) with this car.
VMAX: 351,45 - that means 218.42 mph.
World premier presentation is today in Berlin (germany).




Add an open top and a wing... the Batmobile!
Cruella DeVil's car!
Timpo said:
is that 2 seater or 2+2?
It's a pure 2 seater because they moved the two front seats 40 cm backwards to get more space for the engine and an additional wall between engine and driver's compartment. In the back there is only space for 2 CF helmets that come with the prototype. Cost of the project: About 10 million Euro.

Idea was inspired by this historical Fulda Maybach prototype from the 30s.
Love that '30s throwback. Agree that the taillight could look better if it wasn't so "Altezza'd". Maybe if the bezel was painted a graphite black or body color. ;)
luv the interior, that would have been a nice upgrade for the NSX interior...oh thats right they don't make our cars anymore :redface: ...or well its on the wrong side of the car for us Aussie drivers anyway :tongue: ...hmm not sure about the grill kinda looks like buck teeth :rolleyes: ...like the shape tho...but geez its long tho..might have to move the boxes of crap in the back of the garage to get her in !!

David Down Under :wink:
Same stereo and switchgear as my C55!

Did it start life as an SL or a CL or is it even part CLK? I'm guessing CL because of the size, but I'm not sure. Those are SL wheels (SL500 sport package) and the windshield is pure SL. Maybe they grafted (sp?) the roof of an SL onto a CL. That would be an interesting way of doing things. My C55 has the front clip of a CLK55 grafted onto a C class, so it's not out of their reach to do such things.

Either way, it's a bit on the rediculous side, but I think Bugatti would have done a car like this long before the Veyron. It's lines are very Bugatti-esque. It's amazing that Mercedes even releases pictures of such a stylistically impressive vehicle when the current Maybachs are a style wasteland.
ARgggghhh!! I'm going mad!

I startled awake once I realized who this car should really belong to. If the anime Big O were made into a live motion film "the negotiator" Roger Smith would be the only one in Paradigm City driving this bad boy around. That, and of course Big O herself.

I am the bigger nerd! Don't ask how long it took me to find these stupid pictures on the net.


Looks like Batman took his car to "Pimp My Ride" WCC :biggrin: