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MB Weapon Gun Metal 17/18 w tires new $1099

8 February 2003
45 min N. of Road America in Appleton WI
I have a set of 17x8.0 and 18x9 MB Weapon in Gun Metal +42F +38R
with Falken FK451's mounted 215-40-17 and 265-35-18



$1099 + shipping (Fedex Ground)

They fit a NSX perfectly without spacers. Plenty of caliper clearance. I have a set of the bronze on my car. The Gun Metal looks best on all colors except black cars IMO.

email me [email protected]

If paying via credit, debit, or paypal account (3% applies.)

e-check, check, MO (same as cash)
Tom, because I'm too lazy to go pull a wheel off of my car and weigh it, and b/c i don't have a scale, how much more would these weigh than my ssr integals? Any idea?
I just weighed the rear with a 265-35-18 and it was 48 lbs. I would say they are quite light for a 17/18 since the oem 15/16 are only 5 lbs lighter in front and 8 lbs in the rear with oem tires.

I do not have a wheel un-mounted to weigh.

OEM 15" front with tire = 35lbs
OEM 16" rear with tire = 40 lbs

Weapon 17" front with tire = 40 lbs
Weapon 18" rear with tire = 48 lbs