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Mecom Auto Auctions in Austin

$20/admission. There will be a ~200mile Ford GT...

Manheim is always of interest, gives an idea of where the market is going for a particular make/model! :D
Is this on your list?
Oh, no! A Ford GT, yes- perhaps someday. This Ford GT? Not gonna happen!

With the as-of-late strong residuals on Ford GTs, what would you and others surmise that this example would go for?

Side-note... the drop in oil prices has induced a developing hysteria in Texas (namely Houston, East and West Texas, etc) towards real estate, lifestyle, luxuries. I find it all comical... :D
Regarding the Ford GT, is it being sold with no reserve? Low mileage examples (under 300 miles) are bringing 300-450K depending on condition/model. I just helped an older gentleman sell his '05 GT (blue w/white stripes) that he was afraid to drive with 118 miles on it. I prepped it for sale and drove it myself, it needed a tuneup from being "lugged around"by the owner. It sold to a gentleman that intends to drive it and enjoy it and it brought 350k private treaty

If/when Ford releases the new Ford GT it will be interesting to see how the price of the current model is affected.
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I think mid/high $300k at Mecum in Texas (plus commission) depending on color/condition/options.
Vanishing Point-blue/white looks great on a bright sunny day.
Blue/White stripe Ford GT (200 miles) sold Mecum/Austin at "only" $310k (plus commission)
Silver/black (4,000 miles) sold $255k
Heritage (Gulf Oil Blue/orange) no sell at $400k (Reserve was $475k)
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Ford GTs are taking up past Carrera GT values. Current Carrera GTs are taking up past F40 values. Current F40 values are presumably rising, rising, and rising!

I just can't see an owned Ford GT not driven, it's too much of an experience to not indulge in...
My neighbor bought 2 cars at the auction - a Ferrari and a 65 Corvette convertible. I was in the garage and saw a Reliable Carrier truck pull into the neighborhood. This attracted all the car guys in area. Idon't care for the Ferrari, but the vette is really nice. Both were bought at pretty low prices.