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Megazip 2 day sale

16 January 2013
Megazip.net is having a 2 day Honda Bday sale %15 all Honda parts, motorcycle parts as well if you are a cbr owner. Unlike Amayama you can pick left had drive NSX years. See my reply in Discontinued NSX parts - how to find out before ordering? shows price difference between rear bulk head panel price. Placing my second order as we speak just thought Id let everyone know in case looking for LHD NSX part at literally more then half the price as Acura parts wharehouse. cant believe how much they up chargeand discontinue parts you can still get.
I've tried to use them, but I haven't found any of the prices to be competitive.

NA1 Clutch kit (22000-PR7-305) - Megazip $1800, Amayama - $1374.