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Melbourne Auto Show 2005 Photos

2 October 2001
I wasted most of my camera's memory on the HSC, but still had space for some of the other exotics. :D

These are all low-res 1024x768 JPEG's. If you'd like the original High-res versions, just ask.

<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Aston-Martin-DB9.jpg">Aston-Martin-DB9.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Black%20Murcielago.jpg">Black Murcielago.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Ferrari-360.jpg">Ferrari-360.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Ferrari-430.jpg">Ferrari-430.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Ford-GT-Front.jpg">Ford-GT-Front.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Ford-GT-Interior.jpg">Ford-GT-Interior.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Ford-GT-Rear.jpg">Ford-GT-Rear.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Ford-GT-Side.jpg">Ford-GT-Side.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Ford-GT-Wheel.jpg">Ford-GT-Wheel.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Honda-BAR-F1.jpg">Honda-BAR-F1.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Orange-Gallardo.jpg">Orange-Gallardo.jpg</A>
<LI><A HREF="http://members.optusnet.com.au/~neonsx/MelbAutoShow2005/NeoNSX-Yellow-Murcielago.jpg">Yellow-Murcielago.jpg</A>

Anyone else got some nice photos???



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Nice pics, but where is the HSC?
CDX_NSX said:

haha. I guess I should have looked in the HSC section first. I just assumed that they would be posted along with these others. Thanks for the link.
Ah.... my bad... thanks for covering my mistake <B>CDX_NSX</B>!

Some highlights of the Car Show:

* Sitting in an S2000... man, the cockpit it so comfortable and natural. I'd probably say it's better than an NSX, though not as roomy and definitely not low enough. :D

* BAR Honda. Nice to check it out close up after last week's Grand Prix.

* Walking through SsangYong (Korean car producer) talking to my mate audibly how Japanese cars are better. :rolleyes:

* Model in Nissan section. Dont know her name, but who cares, i got her number. ;)

* The Lambo's.... of course.

* The Ferrari 430. Although to be honest I was disappointed. Cosmetically it's soooooooooo identical to the 360, although i realize the performance is better. <B>And the ferrari stand had too much red - reminded me of a Sydney NSX cruise</B>. :D :D :D :D :D :D ROFL ;)