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Melbourne Meet :)

awesome mike!

good to see you are competitive against the other track cars.

4 seconds off from Berry R34 is still awesome considering all the aero stuff he has done and yours a stock bodied NSX :biggrin:
Hi Ian,

Looks like I'm going to have to spend Sunday troubleshooting the metallic rattle noise we talked about on the phone......a little bit disconcerting...so I won't be able to make this meet afterall. Hope to meet you soon.

If any other people are interested for Sunday, please reply!!!
Hi Michael,

I would have loved to have come, but I now need to head up to QLD to investigate a bus rollover. Needless to say, I would rather be driving the NSX!!!

Your metallic noise does not sound all that healthy. Any idea what it might be?

Let's hope we can get something to fall into place not too far down the track. We don't seem to be having too much luck of late!!!

All the best,

Yeah, I went to Sorrento on Monday and heard the noise......not good as it was the Mrs' first time in the NSX.....not too impressive.

I think I might have an idea but will involve a bit of time underneath on Sunday.

I know you're not available the following weekend either before Cup day.

We'll play it by ear weekly........as the meet every 6 weeks isn't really working. :redface:
NSX Australia 2013 – Epilogue

Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays; Your NSX Australia 2013 Organising Committee is expecting that we’re going to have such a great time, that no-one will want to go home. Sooooo, we have arranged a great “After Party”;

After we arrive back in Melbourne, we will disembark from the ferry at around 6:30 on the morning of Monday, February 25th. We will drive to ESSENDON HONDA, http://www.essendonhonda.com.au
Thanks to the generosity of the great team at Essendon Honda, we will be able to enjoy a sizzling breakfast.

The call is going out to all the Melbourne based NSXers, who couldn’t do the awesome Tasmanian section of the event, to join us for breakfast, a great photo opportunity (the meeting of the most NSX’s ever in the southern hemisphere !!!) followed by a run down the Great Ocean Road to the World Heritage listed Twelve Apostles http://www.visitgreatoceanroad.org.au/twelve-apostles. After lunch, our South Australian friends will continue on home and we will continue on to major Race Car Transmission manufacturer, Albins, in Ballarat http://www.albinsgear.com.au . Their transmissions are used around the world, including our own V8 Super car series. We will over-night in Ballarat, before going our separate ways. For those without cars, some of us will return via Melbourne airport, so we can arrange a drop-off.

There is no cost for the Epilogue, but Essendon Honda and Albins have insisted that we advise them of exact numbers, at least 2 weeks in advance; NO “walk-ins” on the day. Simply let us know that you will be there, by emailing to; [email protected]

To our overseas friends; We apologise for the short notice. We understand that many of you will have fixed air tickets and other arrangements. If you are able to change your schedule and join us, you will be most welcome… …and treated like royalty.

Please get those RSVP’s in and Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas from the all of the Committee and Essendon Honda.